The "90 Day Fiance" star Ashley Marston, uploaded a photo on her Instagram account on December 29. She explained her "tough time" with Jay Smith and her subsequent divorce from him in mid-October.

While people have been talking about the couple's unstable relationship, it seems likely that Ashley will be looking for a new start in 2020.

In the caption, for her Instagram post, she explained that her photo was real and that she was fighting the tears as she was typing. In the image she can be seen with tears on her face, and runny eye makeup.

She also said that the photo was accidentally taken on the night of her birthday in New York City.

Ashley and Jay are no longer together since she filed for a divorce the second time.

Ashley explains the pain on the night of her birthday in New York

She explains how things were cordial between her and Smith on her birthday bash. He hung around with his friends while she took an Uber car to a hotel.

Ashley has gone through a lot of emotional pain with Jay. She was sad that her marriage had failed and she was also thinking of her children. She said that her heart has broken into a million pieces and she started to cry. She described that her friend understood what was going on with her and didn't even ask a single question.

Ashley said that her best friend felt her pain and joined her in tears as they went to the hotel together.

In the post, she revealed she is not trying to blame Jay Smith. She said that she is still hurt, will pick up the pieces, and still loves him. It was shocking because they have divorced once already. Ashley advises people who are struggling that it is temporary and they will get themselves back. Marston wrote in the post that she was leaving the post for a final time, that this would be the last time she would be speaking about the marriage.

Fan's comments were positive and encouraging. They told her to be strong.

Despite the age gap, between Jay and Ashley, they decided to stay together to get the K-1 visa for Jay.

Part of the agreement was that the couple must be married before 90 days or the foreign K-1 visa holders must return home.

Marston and Smith divorce

Ashley and Jay met each other when they were on vacation in Jamaica.

Both couples starred in the sixth season of "90 Day Fiance." They divorced back in January, but they called the divorce off and reconciled. Ashley filed for divorce again, and she claimed that Jay was cheating on her. Smith got arrested in July. They got divorced back in October of 2019.