Erin Krakow and Kayla Wallace of “When Calls the Heart” portray very different women on the Hallmark Channel’s most beloved series, but still share much in common, on-screen and in life. Erin Krakow clearly loved sharing Halloween fun with her social media followers on October 31, but she also made time for sending special birthday sweetness to Kayla Wallace.

The versatile leading lady of “When Calls the Heart” is famous for never forgetting a single castmate or friend on any birthday, no matter how young or young at heart he or she may be. She offered loving birthday words to Kayla and her character, the fun-loving Fiona Miller, now residing in Hope Valley and from the bustling San Francisco.

Krakow also shared a sweet remembrance of Halloween with her fans.

More than a teacher’s memory

Like the dedicated teacher she portrays, Erin Krakow exudes a warm, willing and playful spirit. Elizabeth Thornton is always determined to reach within every student and bring his or her uniqueness to the surface for all to see. The actress may have found inspiration for that sense of dedication from her own mother. She responded that “my amazing mom handmade my costumes almost every year of my childhood,” when asked what Halloween character was her favorite.

Kayla Wallace conveys Fiona Miller as quite the character, too, and “When Calls the Heart” couldn't get by without her.

“Happy birthday to the mother of telephones,” Erin Krakow saluted in her greeting. Wallace saved the day when the telephone came to the Northwest Territory community, untangling the conglomeration of wires that Ned Yost had inadvertently created in the general store.

Krakow further credited Kayla as the “bearer of ankles,” recalling the scandal that Fiona’s raised hemline caused upon her arrival.

Erin ended by applauding “the dazzling spirit that is @imKaylaWallace.” Millions of “When Calls the Heart” watchers certainly feel that positive energy every week from their small screens. There is nothing small about the talent of the star who trained at the prestigious Canadian College of the Performing Arts in Victoria, BC, before venturing to bigger career vistas in Vancouver, where “When Calls the Heart” films.

Pages and purpose

Erin Krakow honed her acting skills at the acclaimed Julliard School, so both she and Kayla Wallace understand the benefit of being trained and surrounded by the best in their profession. On “When Calls the Heart,” Elizabeth and Fiona are resilient, intelligent, and independent women who know what it is to fend for themselves. Elizabeth has come to value the priceless support of her circle of friends as she raises her son, baby Jack. The actress has hinted that Season 7 will see Elizabeth becoming “more ready” to accept new love from one of the suitors who are captivated by her spirit.

Chris McNally perfectly captures the saloon owner, Lucas Bouchard, and his character has made it clear to Elizabeth that he is “fascinated by your goodness” far beyond mere physical attraction. Elizabeth’s gaze following Mountie Nathan Grant (Kevin McGarry) out the door during her dance with Lucas in last season's finale has left faithful “When Calls the Heart” viewers in dire suspense for months. Both contenders are fine choices, but “Hearties” and the cast have their favorites.

Fiona Miller likes a lively game of darts at the saloon and doesn't mind putting her money down to bet on her skills. Kayla Wallace doesn't mind calling Nathan Grant “a dish” as the telephone operator who enjoys a bit of juicy gossip every now and then.

She caused a flurry of trouble but perhaps saved the lives of people important to Lucas Bouchard, under pursuit from vicious marauders. Sometimes, listening in can lead to good outcomes.

Kayla Wallace is well known on Canadian television, for a variety of roles. She frequently stars in Lifetime TV features. She also made a memorable impression in her Season 1 role as Grace Mitchell in the episode, “Sacrifice,” on “The Good Doctor.”

Elizabeth and Fiona found common ground in their love of a good book, when Fiona quickly became the fastest reader in Hope Valley, judging from her speed in checking out and returning books from the library. Fiona is also very civic-minded and flirty, too. Her suggestion of a “Ladies’ Choice” dance during the Founder’s Day festivities prompted Elizabeth’s invitation to Lucas to dance.

The future seems boundless for both these beautiful and spirited characters in “When Calls the Heart” and Erin Krakow, Kayla Wallace, and the other beloved favorites of the drama only seem to become more at home in the hearts of fans.