'Disney+' has released the second chapter in their hit series, "The Mandalorian." Fans are still unsure what kind of show 'The Mandalorian is.' Chapter 2, also known as "The Child," takes place moments after the conclusion of the first chapter, but changes course. The mysterious Mandalorian continues his work on Arvala-7, leading to three incredible action sequences.

After meeting with Ugnaught Kuiil, he is sent back toward the "Client," so he can finish the job for what he's paid for. The big reveal on the first episode and the Mandalorian's bounty is leaving fans wondering what to call it.

While it looks like a Baby Yoda, it's not Yoda. Fans are hesitant even to call it a baby, despite the carriage it travels in. We eventually learn over the episode the power "Baby Yoda" harnesses. For now, fans are referring to it as "The Child."

'The Mandalorian' continues the adventure of a bounty hunter and The Child

The latest episode begins with the Mandalorian and the Child traveling through a desert canyon. The Mandalorian ends up running into three bounty hunters. After getting beaten up, he ends up being healed by the Child but has no idea what is going on. Later on, he will eventually see what the Child can do. The Mandalorian ends up in a heated encounter with the Jawas, who stripped his ship for parts.

This episode was directed by Rick Famuyiwa, and Jon Favreau penned the story. "The Child" episode continues the Western themes. The episode brings up images of a desolate filled landscape. The Mandalorian walks with the Child, which led to viewers to conjure up memories of the '70s series "Lone Wolf and Cub," which is very similar in style.

The future of the Mandalorian unclear as he heads into space

As the second episode begins, fans wonder if the show will follow the mysterious bounty hunter and the Child, as he goes on violent adventures. For now, it's still a mystery, but fans could settle for that and find it satisfying. The episode was full of action-to-action moments, including the fights with the bounty hunters, to the Child saving the Mandalorian's life.

As the second episode ends, the Mandalorian heads away from Arvala-7 and flys toward the stars.

This happens to be the shortest episode, coming in under 30 minutes, when you factor out the credits and the episode recap. This could be a decision by Disney in response to the lengthy episode bloat in the streaming wars. Fans are left not knowing what really happened to IG-11, is he truly out of the picture. While "The Mandalorian," suffers from weak dialogue and occasional logic gaps, there's definitely moment-to-moment action, along with a score that takes you back to the franchise's music style.