The NHL will soon have a team based in Seattle, Washington. It was officially announced in December of 2018.

Speculation quickly grew about many aspects of the new team-to-be. Perhaps most prominent among them are what the team's name would be and what the uniforms would look like. Some hints may recently have been given as to what they could be.

The new website for the team has a noticeable color scheme

The yet-to-be-named team now has an official website up. And some might take note that it has a decidedly salmon color scheme. It has understandably led to the thought that the website's colors may refer to uniforms and logos.

Neither of which have been revealed yet.

If salmon features prominently in the new team's colors, it could bode well for one particular name. 'Sockeyes' has long been considered one of the favorites. Sockeye salmon a prominent species of fish in the Pacific Northwest.

But it might not be a sure thing. The Daily Herald reports that 'Kraken' seems to also be in contention. Earlier on, the mythical creature had been mentioned. But more recently, it seemed to be trending down as to the likelihood of being chosen. In an interesting twist, Kraken might have a particular advantage. Movie producer Jerry Bruckheimer is one of the co-owners of the Seattle NHL franchise. His projects include the "Pirates of the Caribbean" franchise, in which the Kraken is prominently featured.

Whether or not people might look kindly on the possible marketing opportunities, it wouldn't necessarily be the first instance. It also wouldn't be the first time a Disney franchise took center stage in the NHL. Disney founded and originally owned the Anaheim Mighty Ducks. The name was obviously referencing the 1992 movie "The Mighty Ducks".

The team's logo would be featured in the two ensuing sequels to the original movie. Disney also produced the animated series "Mighty Ducks". The series focused on hockey-playing ducks who were also superheroes. There were other related creations, including theme park attractions. Eventually, Disney sold the team and the name was later shortened to Anaheim Ducks.

But still, the name and colors are officially unknown to the public. Other names are also still in the running. Seals, Sea Lions, Cougars, and Whales are among the animal-themed possibilities. Other potential names include Renegades, Rainiers, Emeralds, and Evergreens.

A fitting partnership could be in the works

Should the team actually become the Sockeyes, it could have an American Hockey League affiliate with a fitting name. Reportedly, the Idaho Steelheads could join the AHL as Seattle's affiliate.

Based in Boise, Idaho, the Steelheads are currently part of the Eastern Conference Hockey League. Which is noteworthy, given the team's decidedly western location. The fishy Sockeye-Steelhead tandem could be fun for fans.

Especially since the Steelhead is actually the state fish of Washington.

However, the Steelheads have competition to be the new AHL team. Placing an expansion team in Palm Springs, California has also been under consideration. Another team in the west could be a further signal of hockey's rising popularity in the region. As KOMO News indicates, it's been furthered with the creation of the Vegas Golden Knights and Seattle's upcoming team.