Whatever “Hawaii Five-O” fans may say about Season 10 so far, no one can say that the current season doesn't jump right into the action. More proof was provided by this week's November 1 Episode 6, "A 'ohe pau ka 'ike I ka halau ho'okahi" (All Knowledge Is Not Learned in Just One School).

The episode opens with a heart-pounding car chase involving a huge contingent of HPD patrol vehicles. A vehicle careens recklessly through every traffic control measure and, ultimately, runs over a local teacher like a speed bump. When a collision maneuver finally brings the pursuit to a halt, no person responds to police directives or emerges from the car.

A look on the inside reveals that the vehicle is operated by sophisticated remote-control, via high-frequency radio signals. A person has been killed, but there is no person to handcuff until the operators are found.

Two up-and-coming, YouTube influencers, Scooter and Skeez (Tom Allen and John Parr), are as delighted as any millennials can be to introduce their many viewers to the inner workings of “Hawaii Five-O,” and they do a bang-up job of ingratiating themselves to the “legend," Steve McGarrett (Alex O'Loughlin), only to learn that he will not be available to allow them to shadow him for the day for the production of a recruitment video. Instead, Tani (Meaghan Rath) and Quinn (Katrina Law) become the chosen ones to have this distinct honor.

It doesn't take long for both ladies of law enforcement to realize that the boys are simply very popular juvenile delinquents. It's all well and good until they have a murder of their own to solve involving a senior resident who no one can stand.

Danny on duty

For the devoted fans who especially miss Scott Caan as Danny during the actor’s negotiated time away from filming episodes, Detective Williams is on the scene with Adam (Ian Anthony Dale) for this crime, and he has some prime lines to deliver.

The kind of technology in this specially-designed vehicle for delivering drugs is not available to the average driverless car. Danny, Steve, and the team get a break when fingerprints are traced on the bag holding the last drug delivery. The rigorous foot-chases to run down perpetrators are getting a bit too strenuous for McGarrett, but Junior (Beulah Koale) and Adam handle running down the suspect just fine.

The ultimate help is provided from an auntie with a frying pan (Charlotte Dias), in a particularly tasty scene.

The perpetrator, Kanoa (Matthew Peschio) is already hooked up to an IV when he regains consciousness and is very willing to be corporative and help “Hawaii Five-O” by making another drug-buy from the “app for junkies” as Danny describes it. The purchase enables “Hawaii Five-O” to have a tracker on the vehicle, but the chase isn’t over. Steve and Danny have another memorable car conversation over memories of Kitt from “Knight Rider.” Danny does some riding on Steve, too, for being “a catastrophist,” before the targeted driverless car goes off the road in another fiery crash. Danny quips that “they'll run out of cars” if chases like this keep happening.

Ultimately, company software is found and a lead traces it to an employee, Julia (Sophia Oda), whose father happens to be a recovering drug addict. The dealers of the drugs mercilessly torture him over the technology swipe, but he won't allow his daughter to be involved.

In a gripping sequence, the daughter must witness her father being beaten before the arrival of “Hawaii Five-O.” Thankfully, her computer skills allow her to program one of the warehoused vehicles to run over the criminals, just as Steve, Adam, and Danny arrive. Father and daughter embrace as the case closes.

Naughty boys and a naughtier neighbor

Taking Scooter and Skeez to breakfast and lunch doesn't bother Tani and Quinn nearly as much as listening to every word end with –sh in their conversation, such as “permish” and every other pseudo-English phrase between the two.

Playing ping-pong and posting their own staged pictures of the crime scene became steps way too far in the middle of a murder case. Tani and Quinn leave the boys in the care of the apartment complex know-it-all, Rose (Linda Montana). She was no fan of the murder victim, Marion, either, but was willing to offer an afternoon of prune juice and gin Rummy to the YouTube trendsetters.

Noelani (Kimee Balmilero) was starstruck by the Internet sensations and particularly praised their video on fibromyalgia. Tani and Quinn whittled down the most likely suspects, all of whom had been victimized in one way or the other by Marion. She had put used kitty litter in a neighbor's car after he filed a claim for an accident she caused and had another tenant’s water shut off for singing in his shower.

The building manager, Brent (Greg Cromer) told the ladies that they would be “swimming in paper” looking at all the complaints against Marion.

As fate would have it, the boys break the case while sneaking off to be bad. Scooter and Skeez escape from their captivity with Rose and go to the roof to vape. They find a trail of orange paint and a ladder that could only belong to Brent. They realize that he used the ladder as a bridge to get from his apartment to Marion's, committing the murder. Marion was about to expose his embezzlement of funds from the building management, and Wi-Fi signals confirm his whereabouts. Another case is closed, as the ladies say “Solved” in their selfie with Scooter and Skeez.

Babysitting detail is done.

It's a letdown for Tani and Quinn back at “Hawaii Five-O” headquarters. Everyone else is having a lot of fun seeing the finished recruitment video. The females of the force are not so pleased to see stand-ins for themselves in the actor reenactment. The credits roll.

Next week, Christine Lahti returns to her role as Doris McGarrett. Steve is determined to retrieve her from Columbia, so the action and emotion will be higher than ever. Past ties are never forgotten on this drama of “ohana.”