Hawaii Five-O” fans keep the island crime-fighters like part of their own Friday night “ohana, loving the car chases, leaps from buildings, and, of course, the “carguments” that are fixtures between Lt. Commander Steve McGarrett (Alex O'Loughlin) and Danny Williams (Scott Caan). Last week, a first “hello” for the new character, Quinn Liu (Katrina Law) came with staring down the barrel of a gun, and not just for the boss, McGarrett. Her role will develop further as the season moves along, but just a sneak peek from tonight's Episode 2 of Season 10, "Kuipeia e ka makani apaa" (Knocked Flat by the Wind; Sudden Disaster), rips “Hawaii Five-O” open, from the ground up, with terror and truly ground-shaking impact.

Spoiler TV teased viewer appetites with October 4 previews of their law enforcement heroes, who have more than one bomb site to manage. In this booming installment, the younger members of “Hawaii Five-O” are drawn into danger like never before and the situation is reminiscent of other tender moments in “Hawaii Five-O” lore created by combustion.

Eddie is ever on duty

Steve McGarrett and the entire team of “Hawaii Five-O” have been spared by the keen nose in and constant faithfulness of Eddie, who became part of the McGarrett home and “Hawaii Five-O” per the suggestion of Alex O'Loughlin in Season 8. The precious retriever has done nothing but to endear himself to cast, crew, and viewers since, and he has been known to even take a swim with his master.

Eddie never lets go of a scent, and in one advance look, the leader of “Hawaii Five-O” summons the bomb squad to his own home when Eddie smells something suspicious from the garage.

As if that's not enough to distract from his morning “bulletproof” coffee, another clip depicts Tani (Meaghan Rath) giving the boss a call to let him know that she and Junior (Beulah Koale) are headed into a collapsed tunnel to help retrieve victims.

Although he advises waiting for the all-clear for safety, she counters with “you’d do the same, and you know it” so McGarrett isn't exactly on good ground to argue.

Further scenes show Tani and Junior deep below, rendering aid when gunmen approach seeming to be victims but shooting those in charge. These younger badge-holders of “Hawaii Five-O” are known for keeping emotions at bay, but Junior conveys absolute terror as he yells “Bomb!” while aiming his weapon.

Aani’s scream of “Junior!” is just as bloodcurdling.

A blast can be bonding

Hawaii Five-O” faithful will have to be patient to see how the team survives tonight, but once Steve McGarrett is on the scene with Captain Grover (Chi McBride), no effort will be spared to save the two trapped below.

Longtime followers of the police drama will forever recall a pivotal Episode 19 from Season 4 of “Hawaii Five-O,” “Ku I Ka Pili Koko” (Blood Brothers). When an informant’s tip turns out to be a setup, Danny and Steve are trapped by a building explosion, Steve must devise a way to safely blast their own way out, along with saving Danny's leg. Distracting his partner by listening endlessly to baseball statistics, Steve removes rebar from Danny's leg, disinfecting the wound with bleach.

The episode is full of probing and funny reflections on life, love, and fate, and ends with a heartfelt hug between the two, not to mention Michelle Borth being overjoyed as Catherine to welcome Steve to live above ground again.

It was after loading a monster bomb onto a red truck and navigating a very treacherous bridge that Danny and Steve first discussed their venture into the restaurant business, which led to bickering and bonding all its own. The pair narrowly escape the blast once again.

After the soulful and bittersweet departure (but not formal goodbye) for Jerry last week, the bonds between “Hawaii Five-O” are bound to be stronger than ever, no matter how much TNT is involved. The outcome for Tani and Junior should only further their budding romance.