It appeared the odds were against Canadian rapper, Drake, who got booed by the audience at the Tyler the Creator's annual Camp Flog Gnaw festival, which was held at Dodger Stadium, Los Angeles on Sunday, November 10. This was expected to be a stellar performance by the 'God's plan' crooner, but it turned out to be a big embarrassment.

Drake's music performance cut short by the unexcited audience

Dressed in a puffy jacket on sweatpants along with a Smashing Pumpkins T-shirt, Drake tried to thrill the crowd with some of his hits that included “Headlines,” “Mob Ties,” “I’m Upset,” and his song with Gucci Mane- “Both.” His performance was cut short with the cold reception.

Twenty minutes or so into his performance, he had to stop with the constant booing he received. According to Drake, he had discussed this with Tyler, who requested he did “Feel No Ways” and “Wu-Tang Forever.” This could not happen eventually as planned because of the crowd’s lacking enthusiasm.

Many videos, including Instagram live recordings showing the outcome of the not-so-pleasant event, has broken the internet. In one of the videos, Drake spoke to the crowd, telling them that he was here for them. He added that he would keep going on only if they encourage him to do so. This was before things got out of hand. The rapper even tried to calm the unenthusiastic crowd but to no avail. He was greeted with more boos and cries, telling him to leave the stage for home.

Drake maintained his calm, refusing to be undeterred by the situation on the ground. However, he had to give in to the pressure of the crowd. As he left the stage, he sent his love to the unexcited audience and thanked them for having him.

The 33-year-old made a surprise appearance as the night's special musical guest. From all indications, the fans were looking forward to American rapper, Frank Ocean, as the special musical guest instead.

According to reports, many fans hoped Frank Ocean, Tyler's partner at a time in Los Angeles that formed his hip-hop crew Odd Future, would grace the music stage for the first time since 2017. As a good friend of Tyler, the Creator, they have collaborated on several projects. The songwriter, who recently released new singles including “In My Room” and “DHL,” was replaced by Drake along with ASAP Rocky and Lil Uzi Vert.

These latter two had performed two songs quickly before Drake.

Tyler 'The Creator' reacts to Drake getting booed on stage

Responding to the incident, Tyler took to Twitter to talk about what went down at his concert. He tweeted that his bringing big artiste was a great idea, but this didn't go well with the crowd. Using a lot of swear words, he further stated some attendees, who came with a sense of entitlement, created a narrative in their head and started acting unruly when they didn't get what they wanted. For him, that is none of his business. He concluded that the concert was successful despite the drama that transpired.