'90 Day Fiance" alum Jesse Meester made a brief return to the TLC franchise in the Tell-All for "Before The 90 Days." Unpopular as ever, fans hated that TLC even brought him back as it resulted in bad behavior by Angela Deem. And, really, they question just how fair it was on his ex Darcey, who just heard Tom already got engaged more than once. I reported that many fans "note that these days, rather than being 'desperate Darcey' she's more like 'vulnerable Darcey." In the Tell-All, Jesse said he was there for him, not Darcey. And, fans thought he just looked for attention.

Now, he asked fans if he should accept a role in a movie. Naturally, fans think he already signed on the dotted line.

Jesse Meester seeks attention with movie role question, '90 Day Fiance' fans think

The @JohnYates327 account on Twitter shared the Story where Jesse asked fans if he should accept a role in a movie. The blogger and "90 Day Fiance" guru captioned it with, "Should Jesse commit to the movie with the edgy n*de scenes?" The actual post by Jesse read, "Exciting news...Just been asked for an amazing main role in a new movie." But, then he added, "But, it will involve some edgy n*de scenes." Then he asked people to vote "yes" or "no."

Knowing Jesse though, many fans felt he just looked for attention by even posting the poll.

After all, they surmise he probably signed on the dotted line long before sharing about it. Naturally, as he's so very unpopular, very few congratulatory messages went his way. One critic replied to the post, noting, "Somebody is needing some attention." It accompanied a GIF showing a baby wailing.

Fans react unfavorably to Jesse and his movie role

Fans of "90 Day Fiance" seldom forget anything. They recall how very controlling he behaved with Darcey Silva during his season of the show. Notably, they recall his major tantrum about cutting the meat on the grain when they planned a nice meal. Since then, they also heard that Jesse finally graduated with his Bachelor of Applied Psychology.

And, IMDB noted, he already got cast in a movie, "Free Flight." But, the TLC fans remain unimpressed. More reactions to his new movie role came in on Twitter.

Here's what some critics said about "90 Day Fiance's" Jesse:

  • @AZugz: "You already know he said yes."
  • @Brigittemaslon1: "Oh please who cares jessie."
  • @Lkan77: "He loves all the attention of course he’ll do it.
  • @prtynpnk775: "He asked as if he didn’t jump all over that."
  • @FenchurchDent42: "Oh my God no one cares. Is he gonna hire someone to film him showering again? And then make TLC show it so he’ll come on the next Tell All?"
  • @nuisilien: "IF this is true his thirsty *ss would've said yes before the sentence was finished."

What do did you think about Jesse Meester asking fans if he should accept a movie role? Do you agree he probably signed on the dotted line immediately?

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