Drake is arguably one of the top artists of our generation and just last night (June 28), he dropped his latest album "Scorpion." The "6 God" has been embroiled in beef with fellow rapper Pusha T, where they jabbed back at each other with songs. Pusha T managed to air out Drake's dirty laundry on the song "The Story Of Adidon." Drake was unfazed, as he dropped his already successful fifth studio album, confirming a lot of things and discussing his mistakes. A lot of buzz about Drake's new album preceded its release.

A father

On Apple Music's note, Drake goes at his haters for the common disses he has received as an artist for not writing his own songs, thinking he's Jamaican, and many other hilarious complaints made about him.

One of the biggest reveals on the album is Drake coming to bear with the reality that he is a father and that he indeed has a son. He talks about his son on multiple tracks and takes shots at both Pusha T and Kanye West in the process. Drake responds to Pusha, according to Pitch Fork, in just one powerful line with the lyrics on the track "Emotionless," stating that "I wasn't hiding my kid from the world, I was hiding the world from my kid."

And the artist mentions the whole situation with his son and mother on closer "March 14," according to Pitch Fork. Rapping "I'm out here on front lines just tryna make sure that I see him sometimes/It's breaking my spirit/A single father, I hate when I hear it," Drake bears his regrets with this song about not being on good terms with the mother of his child and over not seeing his son as much as he wishes.

The album has a lot for anyone, as it is split into two halves with the first 12 songs being rap, and the other 13 being R&B/pop hits. In the first part, Drake flexes about his accomplishments, going through a lot, and his major success as an artist, while the next part goes into failed flings and coming to terms with being a father and his mistakes in life.

There are also some interesting featured artists on here, with JAY-Z on track "Talk Up" and Future on "Blue Tint," along with the legend Michael Jackson on "Don't Matter To Me." Static Major and Ty Dolla $ign headline "After Dark," but the album is Drake going solo with plenty of quotable lyrics for the summer.

One of the other topics on the album is that being rich and famous comes with its own disadvantages, as anything they do is aired on TV or on the internet.

Drake rages about the internet ruining his relationships.

A huge success, NBA stars loving it

Drake's album dropped last night (Thursday) right around at midnight ET and many NBA stars are already taking note of the genius, according to USA Today. Utah Jazz star Donovan Mitchell, Giannis Antetokounmpo, Enes Kanter, and even LeBron James congratulated the artist on his new album while on vacation. James took time away from the NBA free agency frenzy to make his post.

"Scorpion" is available to stream/download on multiple platforms, such as Apple Music, Tidal, and Spotify. If you already heard the album, what did you think of it?

Is it Drake's best album yet?