'90 Day Fiance' fans already sound off on social media that the new cast on season 7's boring. In fact, as much as some people dislike Angela Deem's return, at least she's someone they know and love to hate. The events of "The Other Way" and the "Tell-All" for "Before The 90 Days" were explosive. So, the new season just pales into nothingness. But Robert, the guy who met Anny for just eight hours before proposing could be in for a roasting. Even more so, as he said people should "mind their own business," after putting up his hand for an international TV show.

Robert and Anny get shade and roasting from '90 Day Fiance' fans

Fans of the show already know from the bios and previews, that Robert and Anny got acquainted via a friend and they then sharted chatting on Facebook. Robert quickly fell in love with the idea of Anny after he saw a photo of her. Naturally, he felt thrilled when they began video chatting. Deciding "she's dope," he headed over to the Dominican Republic on a cruise for a day. There the "90 Day Fiance" newcomer proposed without a ring after just eight hours.

Some of Robert's friends on the show think Anny's there for all the wrong reasons. But, talking about critics of his choice of woman and how he brought her across to the USA, he said on the show that he won't take criticism from his friends.

Plus, he had a message for followers and fans of the TLC show, Heavy.com reminds us. Robert said, “For people who think this is crazy I say, ‘What the hell, mind your business.’ I don’t listen to what nobody says, I go with my heart and my mind." Well, telling fans to mind their own business seems a guarantee he'll get roasted across social media.

Robert's 'mind your own business' gets a roasting on Instagram already

Over on Instagram, the @90dayfiancesavageedition2 shared a clip and the words he used on their page. Well, of course, because he also seems quite open about wanting Anny in his life as some sort of instant nanny, fans expressed their irritation. One fan "90 Day Fiance follower commented, "You sign on to get into the media frenzy & yet want your privacy pleeeeeease who are we kidding mr 15 min of fame or infamy !!

8 hrs with a woman & you're in love hell no you're in heat !!" Another wrote, "You signed away yur business when you deposited that first paycheck (sic)."

Naturally, it never ended there. Other fans of the show picked up on it. One commented, "So mind your business but let me put mine out there for all the world to see ummmmmmmm ok." Meanwhile accurately put, a "90 Day Fiance" fan noted, "They are about to roast the sh*t out of him." And, it already started on other social media platforms. Twitter and Reddit already bring forth critics and the memes barely started yet.

Twitter strikes back at Robert on '90 Day Fiance'

Of course, telling the Twitterati to "mind their own business," is like flying your own red flag.

They took after him as well. One "90 Day Fiance" follower said, "Says "mind ya business," while putting his relationship's dirty laundry on tv for everyone to see. Yup. Robert, if u think Anny won't get tired of babysitting for a poor guy, hope u watched Molly and Luiz. That didn't last long, despite Molly having more $ than you." Another commented, "Did this dude Robert just say mind your business?! If you want ppl to mind their business, why is yo’ a** on national tv?!"

What do you think about Robert telling fans to "mind their own business?" Do you think the rest of the season will see him totally roasted on social media?

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