"90 Day Fiancé" fans recently discovered that Robert has five children. Robert’s fiancé was furious after learning he was still keeping photos of he and his exes. Amid their argument, she quickly dropped the bombshell regarding the exact number of children Robert had fathered so far.

The incident comes after Anny, who hails from the Dominican Republic, decided to move to the United States to stay with Robert. This decision was meant to strengthen their relationship, but the sudden turn of events has since damaged their relationship. Currently, their relationship is facing a lot of challenges with both accusing each other of being at fault.

In the previous episode, Robert, who is a rideshare driver from Winter Park Florida, had decided to take his girlfriend to a second-hand clothing store in a bid to shop for some clothes. Unfortunately, the romantic gesture did not go down well with Anny, who fancied stylish and expensive clothes. She could be seen raging and claiming those clothes were far much below her standard.

Relationship woes of Anny and Robert

The relationship now seems to be heading down the drain, moving from bad to worse after Anny's latest discovery. She had just learned of Robert's five kids from his last four relationships. This is after she bombarded her fiancé with several screenshots of photos of him and his exes.

However, Robert immediately defended himself, claiming that he no longer meets with the other four kids.

He also criticized Anny for not making their relationship public by posting their photos together on her Instagram.

Robert now believes that this is a strategy she is using to blackmail a guy he had seen on Anny’s social media account.

Robert defended his decision not to delete pictures of his exes so that he can always show them to his children when they request in the future. Nevertheless. Anny did not seem to be taking any of Robert’s explanation well, as she remained adamant and insisted that he had only informed her about Bryson.

Anny meets Bryson’s grandmother

Fans, of this hit TLC show, were also surprised by Anny’s revelation concerning her fiancé’s five kids. All through, they were convinced that Robert only had one child, Bryson. Though, that is not the only incident that caught viewers of this show unawares. In the same episode, Anny ran into Stephanie, who is Bryson’s grandmother. Unfortunately, their meeting became one full of tense emotions, criticism, and insults. Stephanie confronted her with a lot of personal questions. She asked Anny why she was in the United States and whether she was using birth control. Furious, Anny called her disgusting and promised not to answer any of her questions. Stay tuned for more news and updates.