Wednesday, on " The Young and the Restless," Jack announced that he was stepping away from Jabot to work on his family's memoirs. He made the decision that Billy and Kyle will now run the family company as co-CEOs. Kyle and Summer have already been growing closer because of Victor's death and already working close. This will give them additional time together so that they bond even more. Meanwhile, Lola saw a vulnerable side of Theo last week and decided to give him a chance to embrace his good side. It looks like the storyline is headed in the direction of a Skyle reunion and a possible "Leo" connection.

Lola and Theo have begun to bond

Last week on "The Young and the Restless" Theo showed up in Lola's kitchen and asked her to run interference between him and Kyle. As they were talking the new Mrs. Abbott cut her finger. Mr. Vanderway fainted at the sight of the blood. When he got up the duo had a decent discussion and this could be a setup for a future hookup. At this particular time, there is no reason to believe there will ever be a "Leo" but, if things heat up with Skyle, you never know where these two will end up.

Theo told Summer a few weeks back that Lola's husband was not completely over her. This came out of the blue as until recently there had been no indication that Kyle still had romantic feelings towards his first wife.

Within the past two weeks, however, "The Young and the Restless" seems to be shifting things to reunite Skyle. If Theo actually catches an intimate moment between the former spouses, he might run straight to Loa and tell her or even try to make a move on his former best friend's spouse.

Kyle and Summer's chemistry is growing

From the moment Kyle told Summer their marriage was over, he became indignant towards her. It was as if he wanted to hurt her in the very worst way. He said and did everything he could to emphasize that he loved only Lola. When Summer apologized for kissing him while under the influence of the drinks that were laced with the drug Molly, Kyle's response indicated a new attitude.

He smiled as he said that had he also been under the influence, there is no telling what he himself may have done. The "Y&R" now has the duo working as a great team at Jabot and also bonding regarding Victor's fake death.

The chemistry between Skyle is growing and Celeb Dirty Laundry suggests it will continue. Soap Dirt indicates that anger from being let out of the family loop regarding her grandfather will continue to plague Summer and she may find she is leaning more on Kyle than Theo. On Wednesday's episode of "The Young and the Restless," Ms. Newman refused to answer her grandfather's phone calls and told Nick she was treated like an outsider. She said she may never be able to forget this situation, so throwing herself into working at Jabot and reconnecting with Kyle probably will lead to some exciting episodes.