On Monday's episode of "The Young and the Restless" rumors indicate that Amanda Sinclair will read from the alleged true will of Katherine Chancellor. She will announce that the sole heir to the billionaire's fortune is Cane Ashby. There is no indication as to why the writers went in this direction and it is sure to cause anger from "Lane" fans. It's obvious that this will is fake but no clues have been given as to why Cane would want to alienate those in Genoa City who care about him. The rumor mill indicates that viewers should remain glued to their seats for the next 10 episodes because things will get pretty tense.

It is being suggested that by the end of the next two weeks, Lily's former spouse will find himself in serious trouble, instead of rolling in dough.

Cane confirmed as Amanda's partner

Celeb Dirty Laundry confirms what those who have seen Monday's episode of "Y&R" in advance, already know. Lily's ex-husband returns to Genoa City and runs into Jill who tells him she is headed to Devon's to find out what Amanda Sinclair is up to. Her stepson says he will accompany her for moral support and the lawyer announces that Katherine Chancellor wanted her billions to go to Cane Ashby. Soap Dirt says that during the next two weeks Devon will not take this lying down and that Cane will end up in hot water.

Some "Y&R" viewers suspected that the timing of Cane Ashby's return to Genoa City was not a coincidence.

Even so, the confirmation is quite troubling, because after all, Devon and Cane were family. Charlie and Mattie are Lily's children and Devon is their uncle. If, as the rumor mill suggests, Cane Ashby does not end up with any money then the will is a fraud. The question on everyone's minds will be why Lily's ex went to so much trouble to attempt to steal his brother in law's fortune?

Cane Ashby has a motivation

For quite some time on "The Young and the Restless" life has been unpleasant for Cane Ashby. Lily refused to forgive him after he kissed Victoria. She later said that she could not get over Juliet and had trouble with little Sam. When Cane found himself out of work after being fired from Brash and Sassy, neither Devon nor Neil would give him a job.

They treated him badly because he kept hurting Lily so perhaps he wants to get even. Devon has all those billions and is running several companies and his brother in law could be jealous.

Going after his money is one thing, but hiring an attorney who is a dead ringer for Hilary is sinking to a whole new level. "Y&R" spoilers don't say how he will get into trouble but it's likely that this new will is going to be proven to be fake. Cane Ashby obviously has a motivation to be taking things so far, but he will be embarrassed when this scheme falls apart. Stay tuned to find out how this plays out.