Sumit and Jenny’s relationship has been on every "90 Day Fiancé" fan's lips for a long time. The two have been trying to save their relationship, hoping to have their happily ever after, but to no avail. And just when fans thought they had seen and heard it all, Sumit has come clean about his secret wife. This time, Sumit seems sorry for lying to the 60-year-old and is hoping that he will be able to win her heart once again. But will she fall for Sumit’s antics considering that he has been lying to her since the beginning? It is up to fans to wait patiently and see what happens in the future.

The two first met on Facebook, where Sumit impersonated someone else in a bid to win Jenny over. Upon realizing that she had fallen for him, he opted to reveal his true identity. In love and vulnerable, Jenny forgave Sumit for catfishing her, believing that she would see the best in him. However, two years down the line, Sumit has remained a cheat and even gone to the extent of leaving Jenny all alone. More challenges have since engulfed their relationship, despite fans believing the two had a legitimate love for each other. According to ENews, "Jenny gave up everything to move to India, including a job, her home, much of her belongings."

Sumit and Jenny’s stance on their Relationship

Recently Sumit and Jenny opened up about their feelings and relationship in the full glare of cameras.

Lucky enough, Sumit was allowed by his parents to go and have a chat with the 60-year-old. This was their first meeting in seven days after they had been ambushed by Sumit’s father in law. Despite the now past ugly incident which had transpired, Jenny was still eager and willing to meet her Indian lover.

Sumit is determined to finally marry Jenny but there is a catch, he has to divorce his wife first.

It is not clear whether his wife will agree to it, but he assured Jenny that there is some hope. On her part, she was determined to know the reason behind Sumit not telling her that he was a married man. So Sumit told her that he was not willing to break Jenny’s heart soon, and was sorry for having lied to her all those years.

Immediately, Jenny admitted that he needed more time before making any decision.

What do fans think

Truth be told, Sumit took a bold step when he admitted to Jenny that he had a wife. Perhaps he hopes Jenny will be able to forgive him and soon the two will be together once again. But "90 Days Fiance" fans are thinking otherwise, they expect her to be courageous enough and let go of Sumit. Meanwhile, Jenny is in America, deciding what to do next, reports ScreenRant.