Lt. Commander Steve McGarrett (Alex O'Loughlin) of “Hawaii Five-O” didn't happen to be home at the end of last week's Season 10 premiere, but someone definitely tipped the boss off that this week's October 4 Episode 2 "Kuipeia e ka makani apaa" (Knocked Flat by the Wind; Sudden Disaster), would start with a bang.

Faithful Eddie is on high alert when his master returns, incessantly barking at the back door. When Steve lets him out, Eddie barks at the garage, where someone planted an explosive device within his dad’s treasured toolbox during the final seconds of the season opener.

In the same interlude, all of “Five-O” was unexpectedly bidding aloha to Jerry (Jorge Garcia), and welcoming Quinn Liu (Katrina Law). Fortunately, Steve doesn't waste a second and calls the bomb squad right away. The device is disconnected and the first life is saved by Eddie for the day. Steve, like Captain Grover (Chi McBride), is positive that Cullen is behind the sinister ploy, after he was publicly shamed and arrested in front of a judge.

The high-intensity day is just beginning for Steve and Eddie, and the youngest members on “Hawaii Five-O” take on their most life-threatening situation.

Tani doesn't mind getting dirty

Tani (Meaghan Rath) and Junior (Beulah Koale) are set to enjoy a day of surfing before a huge tunnel explosion rocks their route and their day.

Tani calls Steve to tell him that they are going into the blast zone to help victims get out. He cautioned her about safety, but she retorts that he would do the same, so he can't really bicker over the point.

As the two work in tandem to help victims, they initially think the blast may have been provoked by something routine, until two dark-dressed assailants in the dim light have guns of their own, and take aim.

Junior fires his weapon in return, trying to shield those trapped. Things become direr when Junior sees a detonating clock, which has already been set to countdown. Junior yells “Bomb!” just before taking the brunt of the below himself and Tani is knocked flat and covered with ash herself. She screams for Junior, and both are relieved to just be alive.

With breathable air and cell phone signal being very sparse, she calls Steve to notify him that a prison transport truck is in the tunnel, and the passengers are the prime suspects for the explosion, providing them plenty of time to make an escape.

Steve arrives on the scene, as does Danny, above ground. Steve enlists Quinn's help in tracing the DOD license plate, but even her access is restricted. What she does do is trace the last location of the vehicle, in a residential area. Adam (Ian Anthony Dale), the rest of “Hawaii Five-O,” and a full contingent of police arrive at the address, only to find several agents shot dead, and the house armored like a “safe house,” but without a person there to protect.

Quinn turns up in her usual unannounced way, weapon and all, and in a matter of minutes on her phone, traces the probable suspect is Jackson Wilcox (Marc Menchaca), a notorious “meth king” with a wide territory and a worthwhile asset for information to the feds. She also has information about the wife of the drug lord, Shayla (Kate Toba) who is at the center of this brazen spree.

Eddie earns his valor

Amidst the chase for Wilcox, McGarrett continues to get updates on the victims and the conditions in the tunnel. Time is running short, and even with the digging, and the misguided attempt to jackhammer an opening by one trapped civilian, which cut the power to the tunnel, there is not an opening big enough for a person to enter as a rescuer.

There is room for a dog.

Eddie looks every bit the Navy Seal in his goggles and full gear ready to take on the mission, and scenes like his send-off from Steve are a big part of the reason why “Hawaii Five-O” remains so beloved over a decade. Tani is overjoyed to greet Eddie, and one by one, the rescue begins. This episode, skillfully handled by the female team of writers and director, Karen Gaviola, does a fine job of juxtaposing how reason, desperation, and working together have to form a concert in crisis, as everyone comes to realize that the only way out is together. Finally, up comes noble Eddie, who will earn his treat at dinner. The celebration is set to start as Junior is lifted through the ventilation ducts, but has he reaches the surface, the fragmented cable gives way.

He grabs for a fan blade, but falls to the ground. Tani chooses to go down to retrieve him, with viewers left in suspense about his fate.

Meanwhile, the root of Wilcox’s rampage was all for the love of Shayla, kept in protection. Her husband's devotion, however, was not reciprocated. She was entangled with his brother, who betrayed him to his drug rivals. A shakedown in a remote wooded area takes care of the strangely connected criminals, now taken into custody.

Steve is pleased that “a lot of bad guys were locked up today,” as he prepares burgers and hotdogs, and a well-deserved steak for Eddie. Junior is groggy from a concussion, but otherwise, alive and well and asking for a foot rub. When Danny quips about the steak and deciding on an “under-seasoned burger,” Steve invites him to have a peanut butter sandwich (no jelly).

A call comes in that no evidence whatsoever was left on the device from Steve's garage, but everyone agrees it was Cullen, and Steve assures us that he's not waiting for the next time. The “Hawaii Five-O” suspense continues.