A bombshell was dropped on Lulu last week on "General Hospital" and she is frantic to tell her tale. Dante's ex, overheard Sasha and Obrecht discussing the fact that Miss Gilmore is not Nina's biological child. Charlotte's mom immediately told Dustin and pondered what she should do. She attempted to tell both the prospective bride and groom but could not go through with it. The rumor mill indicates that on Monday, she will interrupt the wedding ceremony, but it's not clear if she will reveal what she just found out. Sonny will come home to find Jax waiting for him.

Josslyn's dad will go off on the former mob boss for putting his daughter in a position where she had to lie.

Lulu may tell Nina that Sasha is a fake

"General Hospital" has been slowly allowing an increasing number of Port Charles residents to find out the truth about Nina's child. Valentin and Sasha set up the farce, then Obrecht figured it out and later told Brad. Lulu overheard Liesel and Sasha talking and immediately knew that Valentin had been the mastermind behind the fraud. Although she and Dustin are not an official couple and only had one hook up, she confided the secret to him. They discussed the idea of telling Nina and Lulu said she did not want to be the one to ruin the day. Charlotte then came up to her mom talking about how she had instructed her always to tell the truth.

The look on Lulu's face indicated that her daughter's words struck a nerve and she may just be the one who exposes the scam. Soap Dirt says that someone will tell the secret, but don't say who. Celeb Dirty Laundry teases that it might just be Lulu. "General Hospital" has set this storyline up so that no matter who reveals the truth, it will cause a lot of pain.

If Lulu is the one, she will risk destroying Nina's life, as Obrecht, Sasha, and Valentin will break her heart. Charlotte will also be affected because she will lose her sister.

Jax starts a fight with Sonny

On Friday's episode of "General Hospital," Josslyn told her father the truth about Dev. The rumor mill says that on Monday, Jax will be waiting for Sonny when he returns home from the hospital.

He will accuse the former mobster of putting his daughter in an impossible situation and causing her to lie. The two men will argue but it's not known what Jax will do with the information. Joss told her dad that she enjoys having Dev around and he helps keep her mind off of Oscar.

Jax, however, is only focused on the fact that his daughter kept a secret from him, at Sonny's request. Instead of seeing the good that was done by taking in the Turkish teen, Monday's previews show Jasper yelling at Sonny that he has not changed. Be sure to tune in this week because there will be a lot of can't miss episodes on "General Hospital."