"The Great British Bake Off" offered Priya O’Shea a chance to showcase her baking prowess. To her, this was a dream come true, since she had always wished to be part of this great show, having been a fan of it for a long time. Despite being a writer, her love for baking was overwhelming. "The marketing consultant was one of the early front runners for the Channel 4 show but has struggled in recent weeks," reports Leicester Mercury.

After five weeks, her time at the show came to an abrupt end. The 34-year old’s elimination from the show was met with mixed reactions from her fans, who thought it came a bit early.

But, Priya, together with her family, is taking the untimely elimination positively. She now looks forward to spending more time with her lovely family, after being away most of the time.

Priya’s concerned family

According to Metro, Priya O’Shea had her fair share of ups and downs while on Bake Off. She had to put up with Paul Hollywood’s constant pressure and criticism, especially during Dessert Week.

Perhaps this is why her firstborn could not endure seeing their mum stressed on the show. Nevertheless, Priya insisted that her children enjoyed seeing their mum on Bake Off.

Despite leaving "Bake Off," Priya doesn’t seem to hold any grudge against anyone. She even confirmed still having great relationships and friendships with her former cast members.

Besides, she revealed that Paul Hollywood was saddened about learning about her elimination.

A dream come true for Priya O’Shea

Priya O’Shea had always looked forward to a day she will have the chance to bake for Prue Leith and Paul. To achieve that dream, she participated in the 2018 series auditions. She did not make it to the show last year, but she continued to apply.

This year she managed to get a chance of baking in the tent.

For several years, she had been a fan of "Great British Bake Off," and getting a chance to be part of it was indeed a goal achieved. After booking a place in the show, her prime target became going past halfway. By the time she was being eliminated, Priya had already achieved her primary target. This was a great milestone completed.

She is forever grateful for not only making it to Bake Off but also staying there for a substantial time. Truth be told, many people have tried so much to get onto a particular show but with no avail. Her advice to upcoming bakers is to continue applying without giving up.

The show is now getting competitive as time goes by.

Last night, Helena Garcia was also eliminated, an occurrence that shocked not only viewers but also other participants. Henry Bird made a moving tribute following her exit appreciating Helena Gracie’s memorable time at the reality show and wished her all the best.