With "90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days" ended, some couples will have to make tough decisions about their futures. Omar and Avery have been happy with each other for most of the season. The two got married in Lebanon at a Muslim wedding. After the wedding, Avery flew back to the United States to follow up on Omar’s visa application. The couple had hired a lawyer to help with the process. The news has not been positive and the couple will have to make some difficult choices.

Omar’s visa application unsuccessful

In an exclusive video clip released by TLC, Avery revealed that she had received discouraging news regarding Omar’s visa application.

Lebanon is among the countries on the United States’ immigration ban list. Citizens from the country cannot obtain a visa to enter and live in America without a waiver. Avery’s lawyer said that Omar would have to apply for one in order to gain entry into the States. However, applying for the waiver would not guarantee Avery’s husband entry into the country. Only five percent of the waiver applications go through successfully. According to an e-News exclusive video, Avery told Omar, "Realistically, you can't get a visa."

Avery informed her husband of the disappointing news during a video chat in the released video clip. While Avery has been open to moving to Lebanon, doing so would harm Omar's chances of successfully getting a visa.

The only way the government will acknowledge the couple's hardship is if they live separately from each other. Moving to Lebanon would dismiss Omar and Avery’s appeal. According to their lawyer, the application process could take up to three years to complete. Avery asked her husband if he would be willing to wait to be with her.

Omar’s answer was not encouraging.

Omar's Visa problems

The reality star said he did not know if he could wait for the visa application to go through. He said that it would be tough to wait for that long. Avery was visibly disappointed and the couple stared at each other for some time in awkward silence. Some fans have speculated that Omar could be using Avery to gain entry into the United States.

He sounded more disappointed about missing the visa than the idea of living away from his wife for three years. The couple has also received some criticism for rushing into the marriage without doing their due diligence.

Fans feel that Avery was a little too young and naïve to be married to Omar. They should have looked up their chances of living in the United States together before committing to the marriage. The couple will now have to work out how their long-distance relationship proceeds after the disappointing news. Let us know what you think about the whole situation, post your comment in the comment section.