The Walking Dead” continues its run of great episodes with its latest installment.

Titled “Silence The Whisperers,” season 10, episode 5 continues the series’ renaissance of seasons 9 and 10 with Angela Kang as the showrunner.

And while the series keeps diverging from its source material, the latest episode shows us that one major storyline is moving forward as in the comics.

Negan steps in

“Silence the Whisperers” shows Lydia, a former Whisperer, and daughter of their leader Alpha, being constantly bullied by those Alexandrian residents whose friends were brutally killed by Alpha.

The tensions keep growing and things eventually escalate when the group of bullies surrounds Lydia.

After refusing to leave Alexandria, Lydia gets beaten by the bullies. They would have probably killed her, if not for Negan who steps in heroically and rescues her. Unfortunately for Negan, Margo, one of the bullies that he throws against the wall, ends up dead.

The others quickly show up and see what Negan did. They end up capturing him, despite Lydia’s claim that he was just protecting her.

Naturally, the whole town thinks Negan is guilty of killing an innocent girl and wants to execute him, saying they should have done that a long time ago. Others, mainly Daryl, believe Lydia.

Negan is put back in prison where he waits for a trial, but not for long as he escapes during the night.

Lydia says it was her who freed Negan, but Daryl doesn’t believe her as he was watching her all night.

A theory on who let Negan out of prison

So if Lydia didn’t free Negan, who did?

It seems “The Walking Dead” is leaving this intentionally a mystery.

According to Forbes, what is happening is that “The Walking Dead” is merging show and comic plotlines rather brilliantly.

Warning: Comic book spoilers ahead, stop reading if you don’t want to know what could happen.

In the comic, a boy that holds a grudge against Rick Grimes helps Negan escape. Negan is then wandering the woods for a while until he allies himself with the Whisperers.

But even Negan is disgusted by their way of living and he ends up chopping Alpha’s head off and returns to Alexandria with her head as a trophy.

According to Paul Tassi from Forbes, things might go different in the show. He believes Negan was let out of the prison by none other than Carol. Not only that, but she also sends him on the mission to infiltrate the Whisperers and kill Alpha.

After All, Carol wants Alpha dead more than anyone for what she did to Henry.

One of the last shot of the episode shows Carol on the rooftop with a map. This could imply that she was the one who let Negan out and ordered him to infiltrate the Whisperers’ camp and kill their leader.

So if Negan does indeed kill Alpha, we get Negan’s comic storyline and Carol getting her revenge by proxy.