The breakneck pace of “Hawaii Five-O” continues in this week's October 18 Episode 4 of Season 10, “Ukuli'i ka pua, onaona i ka mau'u" (Tiny is the Flower, yet It Scents the Grasses Around It.) The translation of the title shouldn't fool anyone, there is nothing tiny about the twists, turns, kicks, or slashes in this episode, and the female force of “Hawaii Five-O” comes into its own on this one.

The story has lighthearted notes to love. Danny (Scott Caan) has gone full-on “Love Connection” in his determination to drag Steve (Alex O'Loughlin) into a meaningful relationship.

This week, Eddie is intended to be the opener of small talk with the lovely ladies at the dog park, until the beloved canine tangles with a tougher opponent. Eddie still holds up his end of the bargain, coaxing Steve to ask for a date with the vet after all. Puppy dog eyes do make a difference.

When a late-night kidnapping of a schoolgirl in a red wool skirt twists into a North Korean spy attack, “Hawaii Five-O” is caught off guard for a split second, but manages to hack the spy hacker, thanks to a prison visit to Aaron Wright (Joey Lawrence).

Dead, but the bombings are alive and well

In the opening minutes, Adam (Ian Anthony Dale) reveals that Wes Cullen was indeed killed by the bombing blast at the close of Episode 3, but the devices and technology found at his residence are the same as the ones that were intended to take care of Lt.

Commander McGarrett at his home. No one in “Hawaii Five-O” can rest easy as long as terrorists and the technology are around. Cullen was also laundering huge amounts of money through his real estate business, making probable enemies, and criminal allies, very plentiful.

When a kidnapping of a female student from an elite prep school is suspected, the HPD officers swiftly swarm to find evidence, even though no family has reported a girl missing.

A van with blood trails dripping from the back door is located, but no girl in bondage is discovered. Instead, her abductors are murdered, and threads from her wool skirt lead the team to a group of five girls out of school for the day, and only one not accounted for by family.

Tani (Meaghan Rath) and Quinn (Katrina Law) are initially very sympathetic to the ordeal of the experience of the “girl,” until her true identity is revealed as a North Korean spy, Yumi Chun (Kirstin Leigh).

Quinn especially appeals to not judge her actions in this situation, ending that the former military police officer may have her own back story of assault. Just as Tani and Quinn begin to sensitively broach the situation with the purported schoolgirl, Adam calls to let them know that they are really dealing with a trained killer-spy, who already murdered the captors and escaped. By the time the call ends, both “Hawaii Five-O” females are in the fight of their lives with Yumi, who manages to flee out a window, ninja style.

Tani and Quinn discover evidence of multiple identities, monetary currencies, and passports, all ready to be employed at a moment’s notice.

One foe foils another

In the interim, McGarrett investigates the home of a Major General (Kevin E.

West) whose daughter had welcomed Chen as a friend into their home. A film camera implanted into a light fixture had been uploading every stroke from a computer keyboard, relaying encrypted information from the military leader’s every keystroke.

By the time the password was revoked, Chen was already playing the innocent “Jen” at a coffee shop and uploading all her stolen information to the dark web under a preset timer.

In a loving nod, Adam suggests wrangling up Jerry, further assurance that “Hawaii Five-O” fans will see Jorge Garcia again down the line. Lou Grover (Chi McBride) says that Steve wants to enlist Aaron Wright to intercept Chun’s plan. Her ploy is to return her one-time partner to North Korea, surely to face execution.

Aaron Wright is a snarky and unremorseful as expected, at first spewing that he wants to transfer to a low-security facility with “furlough privileges,” before agreeing to intercept the information for a caramel latte. The exchanges between Grover and Wright are especially fun, and even the latte gets splashed to the floor by Grover after the computer guru is a little slow on execution. He does prevail, however, with only two seconds to spare. He doesn't even get a sandwich out of the deal.

Yumi Chun takes down a full CID contingent in her effort to complete her wicked plan, but the ladies and Junior (Beulah Koale) of “Hawaii Five-O” are hot on her trail. She mercilessly shoots her former partner, but not fatally, before being shot herself.

Another case has been closed, and the nation is saved from another security attack, for the moment.

When Steve picks up Eddie from the vet (Presilah Nunez), a heart-to-heart talk with Eddie encourages Steve to do what he would not do earlier in the day with Danny. He gets out of his truck, goes back in the door, and in front of a full waiting room and staff invites his dog’s doctor to dinner.

By the time that the team gathers for the usual celebration of a case closed, Danny has already shared the news with everyone, and Quinn declares that she is “so in” after her first day as an official member of “Hawaii Five-O,” even if there's no coffee machine.

Next week, prepare for the spooky tradition of the “Hawaii Five-O” Halloween episode, featuring forever fan-favorite, Masi Oka.