Larissa had to come to the rescue of Farrah Abraham who haters bashed persistently while out in Las Vegas. Farrah Abraham and Larissa Dos Santos Lima were at the Crazy Horse III to celebrate its tenth anniversary. To them, this was to be a night full of fun and happiness, but there was some criticism from people who threatened to spoil their jovial mood.

All seemed well as the two appeared to have a great time at the hottest gentleman’s club in Las Vegas, reports Yahoo. They were not the only stars at the party as both Jen Harley from 'Jersey Shore,' and Ronnie Ortiz-Magro's ex were in attendance.

Clearly, the event was every bit a reality star affair. They took pictures to remind themselves of the great fun they had that night.

Larissa decided to share one of the photos she had taken together with Farrah Abraham. Immediately, their picture was stained with negative comments from a section of followers who were unimpressed with what they saw. The MTV star was criticized for her decision to undergo plastic surgery. Seems followers were not pleased with Farrah’s current appearance, to them she was just plastic.

Larissa comes to Farrah’s rescue

Larissa was quickly infuriated and could not take in any more insults which were being hurled at Farrah. She decided to respond to one follower who took things too far by saying Farrah looked like she was in her early 50’s.

Most relevant as Larissa had undergone plastic surgery herself, she responded fearlessly to other people who continued to insult her friend.

However, the Brazilian also experienced the wrath of her Instagram followers. One follower was quick to tell Larissa that soon she would be losing her beauty as a consequence of her decision to undergo plastic surgery.

Larissa replied furiously to the comment to, once again, confirm her unending support for Farrah Abraham.

Partying is all that mattered

Larissa and Farrah were not distracted by the criticism being directed at them. They joined up with other stars such as Jed and Toochi Kash, together they enjoyed pizza and danced all night.

They also enjoyed champagne as their night out got better.

They even took part in other activities to ensure the night was full of fun. Not only did they enjoy drinks but they also gambled in the casino. Fortunately, their so-called distractions worked out perfectly since they were not bothered, at all, by what was going around. Fans are waiting to see what Farrah will have to say regarding the social media abuse she underwent. Pretty soon she will gather the confidence to respond to her critics. At the moment, Larissa is doing great work defending her. Let us know what you think about the "90 Day Fiance" star's plastic surgery.