Robin Scorpio Drake and her daughter Emma both grew up in front of the camera on "General Hospital." They were beautiful little girls with sweet dispositions. Spencer Cassadine has also evolved from a little boy to a tween in Port Charles. He is precocious and assertive, but lovable. Charlotte Cassadine, however, is being written as a bratty child who bullied her cousin Aiden and talks back to her parents and stepmother. On "The Young and the Restless," Faith Newman controls her family and her opinion is often asked before adults make decisions.

Now Conner Newman is lashing out, because of his grandfather's fake death and his father leaving town. The behavior of these children is a far cry from the days when they were expected to be seen and not heard.

On 'Y&R' the Newman family concedes to children's wishes

Faith Newman has had her share of drama because of the family she was born into. Her mother goes through boyfriends and husbands the way most women change shoes. Faith has had a number of men moving in and out of her home and yes this could be troubling. Sharon asking her daughter's permission before she gets involved or brings another man home to live is something that would not have happened in soap days gone by. "The Young and the Restless" writers even had the great Victor Newman allow his granddaughter to yell at him without consequences.

This week Conner has been exhibiting bad behavior and talking back to Chelsea. On Thursday Sharon was counseling him. Nick and the two women spent a lot of time discussing the child's problems as well as solutions that would make his life much better. There was a time when the children were growing up on "The Young and the Restless" minded their manners and did not cause problems.

The Ashby twins are a good example and even as teenagers they were never rude or disrespectful to Cane or Lily.

Charlotte becomes a terror on 'General Hospital'

Charlotte Cassadine was a sweet little girl who adored her papa when she first came to Port Charles. Over time, however, her personality has changed. Her cousin Spencer is a mischief-maker, but Charlotte began to be cruel.

Her teacher When questioned about bullying Aiden, Charlotte told her mother that her cousin was weird. Eventually, things settled down but on Friday's episode of "General Hospital." Charlotte screamed at Lulu, asking why she was trying to ruin her father's wedding.

On Wednesday, Charlotte showed herself to be a little terror, by demanding answers regarding why her papa and Nina did not get married. In years past, a little girl who acted like Charlotte would have been put in her place and received some type of punishment. Star Manning,(Kristen Alderson) on the now-defunct "One Life to Live| was a handful, but the adults always reigned her in. Stay tuned to "General Hospital" and "The Young and the Restless" to find out what happens next with Faith, Conner, and Charlotte.