Erin Krakow shines on “When Calls the Heart” as Elizabeth Thornton, the teacher who always finds a special way to reach every child in her classroom. She truly goes the extra mile as a single mother and devoted teacher, finding the perfect situation for her infant son so she can continue to inspire and educate the students of Hope Valley. Erin Krakow has taken her character on an incredible story arc through six seasons of “When Calls the Heart.” Elizabeth overcame the unknown and harsh conditions of the Northwest Territory community after the loss of all her possessions en route and then lost what was left in an accidental fire.

The range of emotions would continue through peaks and valleys, from love and marriage to deepest loss, and the joy of motherhood.

Much like Elizabeth discovered the bonds of love, faith, and community within her new frontier home, Erin Krakow and her castmates quickly came to appreciate the powerful loyalty within the community of “When Calls the Heart” fans. The faithful “Hearties” not only fell in love with the historical era and values of the family-friendly drama based on the Janette Oke books but they also soon fell in love with all the television cast. The feelings were mutual, and Erin Krakow proudly proclaims herself as “the biggest Heartie,” taking pride in the success and the lasting impact of the stories in the series.

Back in late June, when the good news broke that there would be a fifth Hearties Family Reunion convention (HFR5), the thought of the traditional fall get-together seemed like a Hope Valley dream, but sure enough, the dream came true this past weekend, and Erin Krakow was there to make every second count with fun and warm feelings for “When Calls the Heart” fans.

Always remembered

From the time that Erin Krakow took on her pivotal role in the first season of “When Calls the Heart,” the actress was very intentional to involve fans and the full cast of the drama in her own story. She shared pictures of hand-stitched blankets, drawings, and even furniture made to commemorate special moments in the drama.

Erin is even known to bring her own camera and capture the fan enthusiasm for her own personal reflection. The star has a knack for remembering birthdays and unique qualities of each of her co-stars, and she always lets fans know how much they matter, too.

The drama’s stars are constantly pressed for time, with panel events, media interviews, and simply the crush of so many people who simply want a few precious moments. Erin Krakow made sure that special fans knew they were remembered from events past, and so did other co-stars, like Pascale Hutton and Kavan Smith, who portray Rosemary and Leland Coulter.

Nothing makes any event more joyful than a gaggle of energetic children, and the youthful casts from both “When Calls the Heart” and “When Hope Calls” joined forces for photos and fun. The Hallmark Movies Now streaming series has become immensely popular since its August premiere. The grown-up actors also had a good time, per many social media posts from social media on October 6-8.

Erin Krakow has a natural rapport with kids that always comes across on camera.

She took some time to make funny faces with a flurry of children of loyal fans, and every mom is sure to keep them as forever keepsakes.

Coming stateside, too

Anyone who couldn't make it to the Hearties’ reunion convention may still have a chance to meet Erin Krakow next month, when the lovely brunette brightens up the holidays with a Sunday-only appearance at ChristmasCon at the New Jersey Convention and Expo Center in Edison on November 10.

Erin and “When Calls the Heart” faithful will be in good company. Her co-star Paul Greene, also will be among the cavalcade of Hallmark Channel favorites for the weekend, all fully prepared to leave followers with the gift of lifelong memories.

Erin and her “When Calls the Heart” family know just how much a moment can mean. In-person and on camera, they all give moments to remember.