No one can accuse Al Roker of not keeping his word. The day before the beloved “Today” co-host and weather broadcaster went in for his hip replacement surgery, September 18, Roker pledged to be back at work by September 30. He did add the caveat that he would follow his doctor's orders, and delay the timetable if necessary. As sure as sunshine and raindrops come from the sky, however, Al Roker greeted a huge gang of fans assembled in Rockefeller Plaza this morning, and their faces were as warm and sunny as the recent, uncharacteristic five-day outlooks for fall in the Northeast.

In many ways, it seemed difficult to tell that jovial Al had ever left. The day of his surgery, he shared video snippets of his rehabilitation sessions, already underway, with a workout on the stairs. A few days later, Al was making his way home and even cooking breakfast for his family. This morning, Al Roker discussed the prevalence of hip replacement surgery and his rapid progress. There is one activity that the broadcaster really looks forward to doing again, and one particular gift that he really didn't want from his “Today” family.

Par for the course

While Al Roker could surely qualify as an ambassador for the National Association of Orthopaedic Surgeons, NBC Medical News correspondent, Dr.

John Torres, explained that Roker’s “get up and go” regimen is prescribed for the majority of joint replacement patients to quicken recovery and ease the pain. “I had no pain,” insisted Roker after surgery, confirming that the excruciating suffering from his left hip had vanished immediately. Before leaving the hospital, Al Roker did more than practice a few stairs-- he mastered 80 steps up and down to replicate the same number of stairs in his home.

Dr. Torres explained why as many as 370,000 patients in the US have a hip replacement or joint replacement annually. “We're living longer, we’re more active, and we’re heavier” he described. Oddly enough, of course, activity greatly decreases the chances of becoming overweight, exemplifying another reason for the procedure.

Al Roker even demonstrated his rehab exercises over the air this morning but had much more fun using his cane for a very dramatic entrance on “Today's” third hour.

Keeping his cane, not the pillow

Mr. Roker made another splashy arrival on the third hour of “Today,” bursting onto the set by bursting a beaucoup of balloons with his cane. This still-spry senior took his seat for only seconds, before being asked to demonstrate a few of his exercises, which he graciously obliged. Hopefully, many other seniors recovering from hip replacement surgery were watching, awake, and inspired by the host’s hyper-fit and dedicated example.

Dylan Dreyer, who is constantly credited as the true meteorologist by Roker, didn't get such a rousing review from her colleague.

She genteelly passed the doughnut pillow, tied with a red bow, from her seat to Al Roker, who had an instantly strong reaction.

“I don't need a butt pillow!” exclaimed Al. “I didn't need it in the hospital, and I don't need it now!” Roker and company had a lot more fun watching the “Saturday Night Live” cast portraying the 2020 Democratic candidates. Roker teased that Craig Melvin was “the Bernie Sanders of the ‘Today’ show” when he couldn't manage getting his Instagram photo from his outbox to be shown on screen. “And I’m the 65-year-old,” Roker playfully reminded. Al kicked off the Instagram story week with the third-hour hosts with a clip of himself, fully dressed and dapper, catching his cane with a toss.

Al Roker is back to work with his new left hip, and always back to being himself. He will probably be riding his bike on the Plaza sometime this week. He sees the therapist to get clearance later today. This is one senior who never slows down.