The rumor mill for "The Bold and the Beautiful" indicates that things are about to become extremely troublesome for Ridge and Brooke. In spite of their desire to become united, they are about to be torn completely apart. Thomas and Shauna are working different angles but towards the same goal. Neither is aware of what the other is up to. Flo is trying desperately to get her mother to end her fixation with Ridge, but she will not let up. Thomas has shared with Vincent that he is excited to play a part in breaking up his father's marriage. Things will come to a head when Brooke sees no choice except to kick her spouse out and Ms.

Fulton will take full advantage,

Brooke hates Thomas and the Fultons

On Wednesday's episode of "The Bold and the Beautiful," Ridge admitted to spending the night next to Shauna when he was drunk, but emphasized that nothing happened, Brooke was livid and said that the Fultons and Thomas were her enemies. Ridge reminded her that Thomas was his son and needed his support. Rumors indicate that Brooke will eventually threaten Shauna and tell her to leave her man alone. This will only encourage the devious blonde and she will step up her game, according to Soap Dirt.

Celeb Dirty Laundry reveals that things will become so tense that Brooke is going to kick Ridge out of the house. She simply cannot deal with the fact that he wants to help his son.

Vincent told Thomas on Wednesday's episode of "The Bold and the Beautiful" that there is no evidence that Shauna slept with Ridge, but he would enjoy his stepmother believing it is true. Brooke knows there was lovemaking, but she is still going to push her spouse away because of her rage. She hates Shauna, Flo, and Thomas, and it will cause the end of her marriage.

Shauna and Thomas will have their way

The "B&B" rumor mill indicates that Shauna will be the one to ask Flo to donate her kidney to Katie. This indicates that family members will have to be tested and Flo will end up a match. Even if Katie's life is saved, Brooke will never welcome the Fulton women back into the family with open arms.

She will be grateful, but won't ever trust them again, especially now that Shauna has played her hand.

Brooke's fury is going to push her husband right into the arms of her enemy and Thomas may get what he wants after all. Ridge will probably become weak and give in to Shauna's advances and sleep with her. Be sure you don't miss the exciting episodes of "The Bold and the Beautiful" that will be coming up in the next two weeks. Katie's surgery, Thomas's schemes, and Flo and Brooke's feud will make for a lot of must-see television. Tune in weekday afternoons on CBS at 1:30 PM EST.