Caesar has always used his secretive nature to command a large following. Fans sympathized with him when his Ukrainian girlfriend, Maria cheated on him. Fans were convinced that Caesar never deserved to be played by any lady. But, it seems there is more than what meets the eye concerning him. Recently, a fan ran into him at Doha Airport, and now she claims to have some dirt on him. The fan’s sentiments have raised mixed reactions among "90 Day Fiancé’" viewers. It is believed that Caesar is under an NDA, making his unexpected return likely.

The fan now claims to know some bit of truth about Caesar, reports TV Show Ace.

A few days later their pic was posted online by a concerned fan. The pic was accompanied by a controversial caption which revealed that the fan knew something extra about Caesar. Ever since, fans have speculated a great deal, about Caesar, trying to unravel the truth.

Fans started reacting to the unexpected news, shocked by the secret fan’s decision not to spill the beans. It has become evident that Caesar cannot stop hiding secrets. Word on the street is that perhaps he is under an NDA. It now seems that he might be returning to "90 Day Fiancé" for another season.

Fans concerned over a possible fake season

People got to learn about Caesar’s acting background early on. He was set to become a nice guy being loved by many.

Now it appears Caesar won’t be that type of character anymore and fans have been infuriated by that hint.

Besides, it surfaced that Caesar and Maria’s meet up was never intended, she only showed up to please the producers. Regardless of their story being fake, some fans fall in love with Caesar for being cute. Another section of fans wished their meet up was all fake.

However, Caesar still insisted on going to Ukraine, which he eventually did, raising suspicions that perhaps he is on an NDA.

Caesar meets a fan at Doha airport

Caesar eventually went to Ukraine and, on his way back, he met with a fan at Doha Airport. It has been suspected that the fan knows something extra about him, although, she just cannot risk talking about it.

Her confession stirred up a discussion, with some fans questioning the route Caesar used to travel from Ukraine to Doha Airport. Others are surprised by the fan keeping the truth she knows entirely to herself. Also, it is still early to conclude that he is under an NDA, but his recent chain of activities makes it seem likely. Fans have to remain patient and witness as everything becomes clear about Caesar. Stay tuned to the latest, spoilers, and news about "90 Day Fiancé" to see what is in store for you.