Now that the shock is over, some fans of "The Young and the Restless" are expressing anger that Victor Newman has died yet again. Celeb Dirty Laundry and Celebrating Soaps point out that viewers are tired of this storyline which has been done now five times. The point is brought up also that the Newman family will be even more devastated to find out Victor tricked them than they were to believe he was dead. Loved ones, friends and even frenemies are all in shock in Genoa City and will be disgusted to know that the mustache has pulled a prank on them.

All of this drama and confusion, and lies just to teach Adam a lesson is a bit much for those who watch the CBS daytime drama.

'Y&R' viewers angry now that the dust has settled

The shock is over and the dust has settled related to Victor Newman's death. Those who watch "The Young and the Restless" now realize that Eric Braeden is not leaving the CBS daytime drama. In the aftermath, some viewers are expressing that they are tired of this storyline that has played out four times in the past. The rumor mill says that the devastation on Summer's face is causing some fans to say this hoax is cruel. Some viewers reacted to the Celeb Soaps story by commenting and a few said they may not watch the Genoa City action anymore.

Thanks to the Internet, those who watch soap operas have a way to be vocal as never before. With the click of a keyboard, viewers can and do share their raw emotions, sometimes being very cruel. CDL emphasizes that the Newman family is grieving hard right now and it has not been made clear how many of them were in on the hoax.

"Y&R" viewers know that as Victor's doctor, Nate Hastings knows the truth, and the rumor mill suggests that Nikki and Nick may be in on it as well. On Thursday, however, Mrs. Newman was crying she looked at family photo's and when Jack showed up her grief seemed very real.

Genoa City mourns Victor Newman

On Thursday's episode of "The Young and the Restless" Jack and his sister were expressing their shock, when Traci pointed out something quite sad.

She said that now that Victor was gone, it was the last piece of her daughter that was left. Longtime viewers know that when Coleen died, the Newman patriarch received her heart. When he returns, there will be a lot of people angry because they had mourned his death. Based on Nikki's reaction, it's up for debate a to whether she knows anything, but both she and Nick continue to blame Adam.

When Rey tried to express his condolences, Adam blurted out that he did not kill his father, even though he as not accused. Nikki begged Paul to open an investigation and Nick asked Phyllis if she knew anything, but she lied that she did not. This "Y&R" mystery is unraveling and that may hold viewers attention until it is determined if Adam will go down for murder. When Victor shows up alive and well, the anger will return, both onscreen and off. Genoa City and the viewers will certainly let their feelings be known, so stay tuned.