Adam Newman has returned to Genoa City off and running and shows no signs of slowing down. This week on “The Young and the Restless” he will continue to ruin lives. He switched his father’s medication for pills of a higher dose. Previews show that Victor will almost pass out and Nikki will be concerned. Celeb Dirty Laundry suggests that he may also be behind Chance Chancellor trying to take Devon’s inheritance. What can stop the mayhem and when will Victor’s namesake finally pay for what continues to do to family and friends? Something has to happen to put him in check and it could be at the hands of his partner in crime, Phyllis.

Adam sinks lower into realms the of darkness

Just when “Y&R” viewers think Adam Newman can't sink any lower, he surprises everyone. Thanks to Phyllis, the bad boy Newman believes his father hired someone to run him over. Adam is seeking revenge by tampering with his father’s medication. He switched Victor’s pills for the same medication with a higher dose. Now his father is experiencing side effects and has no idea why. Soap Dirt suggests that Victor may deserve what his son is doing to him because of how hard he has been on the prodigal.

Adam told Phyllis he did not want Victor to die but only wanted him to realize he is not invincible. Now, however, his motives are not as clear. “Y&R” rumors suggest that Ms.

Summers might turn on her new partner in crime and warn him he Newman’s what he is up to. She is already realizing that she does not want anything to happen to her daughter’s grandfather because of her. There is no telling how this will turn out or what damage will be done.

Adam and Chance connection comes to light

The connection between Adam and Chance is finally coming to light on "The Young and the Restless" CDL suggests that Victor’s son is behind Katherine’s will being contested.

Jill came to town to help Devon figure out who is behind this takeover attempt and revealed that something her grandson says d makes her think he is behind the drama. Jill, Devon, and Nick all believe that Adam is the mastermind as he spent time with Chance in Los Vegas.

"Y&R" viewers have been waiting for the truth to come out regarding Jill's grandson and Victor's youngest son.

Chance is causing his grandmother agony because she cannot reach him and she wants to know what he meant about coming into some money. During the Grand Phoenix celebration, on Monday, Phyllis overheard Devon tell Elena that he has no idea how a nice guy like Chance who is in law enforcement could contest the will after all this time. It looks like Adam Newman taints everything he touches and his father and Devon are the latest victims.