Monday on "The Bold and the Beautiful," Alex Sanchez said that the investigation into Emma's death was being closed for lack of evidence. Ridge was grateful that Thomas would not be prosecuted, but lost it when the detective said that Flo was being released from jail. Ridge said he wanted the book thrown at Ms. Fulton, but the detective said if the investigation continued, then more questions would be asked about his son's role in recent events. As Sanchez said that, Ridge held Flo's fate in his hands, Shauna was just outside the door and heard.

She asked him if it was true and his answer may seal the fate of his marriage.

Ridge has to make a decision

On Monday's episode of "The Bold and the Beautiful" Ridge was stunned when Alex Sanchez said he was closing the case regarding Emma's death. The detective said that Thomas' car had been examined and there was no evidence to suggest he caused Ms. Barber to die. He also said there was no reason to hold Flo in jail, considering that Dr. Buckingham was incarcerated. Instead of being grateful that his son was off the hook, Ridge was angry and demanded that Flo pay for her role in the switch.

Alex Sanchez told Ridge to think long and hard about his attitude, because if the case remains open, then Thomas will go down with Flo.

He said that the decision Mr. Forrester makes will have both his son and Ms. Fulton's lives in his hands. Brooke's spouse maintained the same attitude he has had ever since the "B&B" baby swap was revealed. He does not believe his son should pay for his actions. As the detective was escorting Ridge out of the interrogation room, Shauna heard the last part of the conversation.

She asked if it were true that Thomas' dad held Flo's fate in his hand?

Ridge ends up in Shauna's bed

Ridge is probably not going to want to have Flo released, because if he did "B&B" rumors would not be reporting what they say will happen next. Celeb Dirty Laundry and Soap Dirt indicate that "Bridge" will have an argument that is so bad that Ridge walks out on his wife and goes to the Bikini Bar where he gets drunk.

Shauna will see him and ask Danny the bartender to help her take him to her home and put him in her bed.

If Ridge agrees to free her daughter, then Shauna would not need to stoop to such desperate means. She obviously is going to allow Brooke's husband to believe they spent the night together and he will drop the charges against Flo to keep his wife from finding out. Ridge has been stubborn where Thomas is concerned, even though his actions hurt Steffy. Now Ms. Fulton will have something she can hold over his head and he may even lose his marriage in the process. Stay tuned to "The Bold and the Beautiful" weekday afternoons on CBS at 1:30 PM EST.