"The Young and the Restless" has been sending subtle hints that a Skyle reunion could be on the way. They could also be trying to throw fans off base but recent events in Genoa City seem to indicate that Lola may not be a married woman much longer. Since Kola moved in together they have been saccharin sweet and having domestic bliss. The writers seemed to be going over the top to make Kola an adorable couple but many viewers are not buying it. In the midst, Jack went out of town to Pine Forrest Inn and leaves his son in charge of Jabot. Kyle immediately brings Summer closer and they are working together once more as a team.

Now, since Zoe spiked the Grand Sangrias there has been a shift between the duo personally as well.

'Y&R' bringing Kyle and Lola closer to each other

After drinking several of the spiked Grand Sangrias, an inebriated Summer kissed Kyle as Lola watched. On Wednesday's episode of "The Young and the Restless," she was ashamed and embarrassed when she found out that Zoe posted the kiss on social media. Kyle was kind and gentle with his ex-wife and told her that he and Lola knew it was only the drugs that caused her to behave that way. Kyle added that if he had taken a drink who knows what he would have done.

Summer's eyes widened at this point because Kyle's statement could be interpreted in several ways.

She may have thought he meant that if he had the Molly in his system he may have kissed her back or tried to get her into bed. A few moments later he gives his former spouse a passionate embrace and in the background "The Young and the Restless" is playing soft romantic music. The tender moments between Kola seemed forced and not so believable, but these minutes with Skyle seem to flow as if they belong together.

Kyle must deal with the New York situation

Zoe is more than likely going to get some time because she put drugs in the drinks, but she can still wreak havoc on Kyle. Phyllis knows the details regarding what happened in New York and she will eventually say something about it. Rey and Paul heard part of what Kyle and Theo did to Mis Hardisty and who knows what she will say while incarcerated.

The incident could become a scandal and eventually, Lola will find out. This may be what the "Y&R" writers are planning in order to tear Kola apart. When Jack returns from the Pine Forrest Inn, he may deal with his son for all that a taken place.

Summer has been a thorn in Lola's side since day one but Kyle is the one who offered to marry Ms. Newman first. Some "Y&R" viewers believed they would reconnect and remain husband and wife, but they did not. Recently it was announced that CBS executive vice president of daytime, Angelica McDaniel was released from her job. The rumor mill indicates she was a Kola fan. Perhaps now that her influence will no longer be in place, the new VP may decide Kyle and Summer belong together. Whatever happens, the New York fiasco must come to light so stay tuned.