"90 Day Fiance: The Other Way" is witnessing a lot of shocking revelations. Almost everyone is familiar with how Sumit catfished Jenny. He only confessed when his relationship with Jenny became serious. But why did he impersonate someone else on Facebook? Sumit was sure that Jenny will not like him because he was Indian. He decided to create a fake Facebook account to lure Jenny into dating him. After confessing his deception, Jenny gladly forgave him and their relationship became even more serious. The two, have now been together for at least 6 years.

However, Sumit’s previous online catfishing antics have come to haunt him. According to TV Season Spoilers, his fake Facebook account is now out in the public.

For a time, Jenny believed that Sumit was indeed Michael Jones

An unknown source revealed how far Sumit went to lie to Jenny. A number of screenshots were posted online proving how Sumit took advantage of Jenny’s false belief. Some of the pictures included, Michael Jones smiling and suited up. Another one shows Michael Jones walking around talking on the phone. Those pictures caught Jenny’s attention. In the comments box, Jenny asked if Sumit was talking to her. Also, she inquired about who had taken the picture, with Sumit replying that it was a colleague.

Sumit decided to take things further in order to please Jenny. He uploaded a status of Michael Jones, in his Seattle office, who Jenny believed was Sumit. On her part, she kept praising him and Sumit always replied with a thank you. He even posted to Jenny, praising her for being a sweet wife, and she referred to him as a "hot husband."

Fans Reaction to Sumit’s catfishing allegations

Most fans accused Jenny of being cheap and greedy.

Seriously speaking, the account was obviously fake and any rational user would have blocked it immediately. According to another user, those photos seemed to have been extracted from a magazine. This is something Jenny would have easily recognized but didn’t. One of the users referred to him as a teenager in an adult’s body.

Surprisingly, Sumit was using broken English, accompanied by several misspelled words, clear evidence of catfishing.

This seems like an act which Sumit has been using to con people online. Already the fake account has attracted several comments on some of his pics and statuses. Meanwhile, he is scared of shedding some light on his relationship with Jenny. It is obvious that Indian parents are capable of being conservative but that does not prevent Sumit from defending Jenny.

It appears that a marriage between the two is not due. All along, Sumit has been dishonest in his dealings. First, he catfished Jenny. In addition, he left her behind and moved back to his parents’ home. All through, Sumit has been hiding Jenny from his parents. Stay tuned for more "90 Day Fiance: The Other Way" updates.