Rumors for "The Young and the Restless" from Soap Dirt and Celeb Dirty Laundry both confirm that Victor Newman's death was staged. Soap Dirt supports what may viewers are thinking, which is that a trap is being set for Adam. Two weeks ago, Billy tried to kill Victor's youngest son with the vehicle he was driving. Later Adam shared his shock with Phyllis, who suggested that his father may have wanted him dead. When Adam confronted his dad he denied it, but the seed was planted. A stunned Phyllis listened as her partner in crime said he had pills that were double the dosage of his father's prescription and had switched them.

Now, the bad boy will believe he caused his father's death.

Victor and Nate set a trap for Adam

On Monday's episode of "The Young and the Restless," Victor Newman will be pronounced dead. His family will be in shock, so it looks like they are not in on the fake death. Nick will blame Adam, who will get some comfort later from Phyllis. Rumors suggest that there will be flashbacks this week which tell us what really happened. Somehow Nate and Victor figured out that Adam switched his prescription drugs for pills of a higher dosage, and now they are setting a trap for him. It's a stretch to believe that this will cause the Newman bad boy remorse, but it is possible.

Last week on "The Young and the Restless," after Victor's side effects increased, Nate said he was going to do some blood work.

When the Newman clan was summoned to the Ranch on Friday, some viewers thought that it would be announced that the dosage of the medication had been tampered with. Instead, Abby, Summer, Nick, and Adam were told that Nikki and her husband were going away to a clinic because his condition had worsened. The family patriarch told his loved ones to please all get along while he was gone.

As he stood up, he collapsed and Nate declared that he could find no pulse.

'Y&R' viewers should stay tuned for clues

Eric Braeden, who portrays Victor, recently addressed this storyline on social media because many fans were upset. Some "Y&R" viewers believed Victor really died and Braden was leaving the show. The actor assured everyone that he is not going anywhere and that they should stay tuned to the CBS daytime drama for clues of what is going on.

Naturally, he could not divulge details, but he said that those who enjoy the show should just continue to watch and all would eventually be revealed.

Nate and Victor might believe Adam will slip up and admit what he did. Perhaps the Newman bad boy will be haunted by his father's ghost the same way Mariah tortured Sharon by pretending to be Cassie. It will be interesting to watch this situation play out on "The Young and the Restless" and find out what Dr. Hastings and Victor have planned for Adam and whether or not the prodigal son will repent.