On Friday's episode of "The Young and the Restless" Victor Newman collapsed in his living room floor and Nate Hastings could not find a pulse.

Celeb Dirty laundry is reporting that on Monday the most powerful man in Genoa City will be pronounced dead. Nikki, Summer, Nick, Adam, and Abby were all with him but Victoria is caring for Billy and her cell phone is dead. The rumor mill indicates that this is set up and Victor is not really deceased. They are not, however, giving a reason why. It's possible Phyllis snitched about Adam switching his father's medication, or perhaps security camera's at the ranch caught him in the act.

Victor's death is faked

Nate Hastings is more than likely in on the fact that his patient is not really dead. He is the one who checked and then declared there was no pulse. Everyone in the Newman family, including Nikki will seem truly distraught on Wednesday. If there is anyone else who knows the death is being faked, they are not giving any clues.

"Y&R" rumors from Celeb Dirty Laundry says there is more to this story that will come to light over time. For now, the most likely scenario is that Victor somehow found out that Adam switched his medication and is trying to get a confession out of him.

Last week Phyllis got evidence that Zoe spiked the drinks at the Grand Phoenix Hotel which led to the young woman's arrest.

She may have felt bad about Adam switching out his father's meds and told him he Newman patriarch about it. It's also possible that the security camera's at the ranch recorded Adam's actions and now Victor wants to trap his son.

"Y&R" rumors from Fame 10 indicate that Nikki will be seeking revenge next week and imply her wrath will be aimed at Adam.

Viewers know, however, that the storyline could go in an entirely different direction.

Genoa City mourns Victor Newman

"Y&R" rumors indicate that Genoa City is going to mourn for Victor Newman and Adam will feel like an outcast. Phyllis is going to suggest that perhaps her partner in crime is not responsible for his father's death and the medicine tampering had nothing to do with it.

Viewers will be eager to find out what motivated this current set of events. They will also desire to know what Victor's end game will be.

Victor Newman will have all of Genoa City mourning his death. It will be can’t miss TV the hen he returns. Viewers now want to know who was in this hoax and why was it necessary in the first place? If not to trap Adam, them what other motivation could there be?

Some exciting episodes are coming up on “The Young and the Restless” so stay tuned. Be on the lookout for spoilers let alerts and rumors to find out in advance what will happen next.