Rumors for "The Bold and the Beautiful" indicate that the drama is about to increase for the Logans, Spencers, and Forresters. Steffy is back and mad about what her brother did. She will also have to deal with Hope at work, which may cause a lot of harsh emotions. Ridge will hide from Brooke the fact that he spent the night with Shauna, who has her eyes on him. Wyatt reunited with Sally, but Flo wants him back and the two women are at odds. Brooke will turn to Eric and Dollar Bill, which will enrage her husband. Katie and Bill will deal with a frightening medical crisis and Liam and his wife will make a bold decision that affects everyone.

Forresters, Spencers, and Logans suffer much on 'B&B'

According to rumors from Soap Dirt and Celeb Dirty Laundry, there will be a lot of drama and suffering from your favorite characters on "The Bold and the Beautiful" during the next few weeks. Flo is out of jail and determined to get Wyatt back, but he has reunited with Sally. Ms. Spectra told Ms. Fulton that she is not going anywhere, but Flo is not backing down. Shauna took a drunken Ridge to her room upstairs over the bar. It's not yet known if they actually sleep together, but she will let him think so. The duo will then make a pact to hide the truth from Brooke, who is leaning on Eric and Dollar Bill. All of his may lead to the end of "Bridge."

Steffy tore into her brother last week and said she cannot forgive him.

"B&B" rumors indicate that Thomas will continue plotting and is not really remorseful for the damage he has done. There will also be problems at Forrester creations, where Steffy must look at Hope every day knowing that she is now raising the little girl Steffy thought was her own. CDL says there will be tension and bad blood between the mothers of Liam's daughters.

A shocking twist on 'B&B'

Steffy's feud with Hope will create tension at Forrester Creations. Ridge will feel guilty about Shauna and his bickering with Brooke will spill over into the workplace. Shaun and Flo fighting dirty for their men will cause problems with Sally and Brooke. Eric and Dollar Bill giving their two cents will not help matters at all.

The most shocking twist on "B&B" however, will come from a decision made by Liam and Hope.

"B&B" rumors indicate that Liam and Hope will decide that they are better equipped to raise Douglas than Thomas. This will be outrageous to Steffy and Ridge, but Brooke will probably agree. Thomas will likely be livid. If rumors are correct, there are some exciting scenes coming up. The dysfunction within the Logan, Forrester, and Spencer families is about to go to new levels, so stay tuned.