Fans of "The Young and the Restless" should know by now that Victor Newman is faking his death. Soap Dirt and Celeb Dirty Laundry rumors suggest he is trying to teach Adam a lesson. Viewers now want to know who, if anyone else, was in on this hoax, which is devastating his granddaughter Summer. Rumors suggest that Nikki and Nick were helping Dr. Nate pull a fast one on Genoa City and Adam will indeed feel responsible for his father's demise. Flashbacks will be shown that should answer most questions, so devotees of the CBS daytime drama should stay tuned and pay very close attention.

Victor and Nate pull a fast one

For "Y&R" fans who are not up to speed, here is what is known so far. On Friday Nikki summoned the immediate family to the ranch. Nick, Summer, Abby, and Adam showed up, but Victoria could not be reached. Vicki's cell phone died and she ran into Chloe, who took her to where Billy was being held. The Newman patriarch waited a while, then decided he must share his news without his oldest daughter present. He and his personal physician announced that his treatment was no longer working and that he and his wife were going away to a clinic to seek other methods of healing.

Victor stood up and asked his family to get along while he and Nikki were out of town and then he fell to the floor.

Nate quickly checked and said there was no pulse. Rumors for "The Young and the Restless" and spoiler alerts agree that the death is faked. Previews for Monday's episode have Abby, Summer, and the rest of the family expressing their grief. Even Adam will be shocked that his father died so suddenly. Victor and Nate have pulled a fast one, but are there others in on the secret?

Nick and Nikki may be a part of the plan

On Monday, Nate assures everyone that he had done all that he could for his patient, and they agree that he has. Initially, some "Y&R" viewers believed the meeting in the Newman home would be to discuss the medication which had been tampered with. Earlier in the week, when Victor's side effects began increasing, Dr. Hastings ran some blood tests, For this reason, he has to know that the levels of prescription drugs in his patient's system were too high.

Somewhere at that point, the plan was put in place to say that Victor had died and rumors suggest that this coming week, Nikki and Nick's actions will suggest they were in on the ruse from the beginning. It's not clear how they knew what Adam did, but there will be flashbacks that give the "Y&R" viewers the answers they need. This week, according to Celebrity Dirty Laundry and Soap Dirt, Nick is going to be in his brother's face, blaming him for their father's death, and Nikki is going to confide a secret to someone. Stay tuned to see how all of this works out and if Adam can truly repent.