Paul Williams returns, to "The Young and the Restless," on Monday, September 9 and he is in rare form. The chief of police is called in because of problems at the Grand Phoenix Hotel Grand Opening celebration. A vengeful Zoe is going to spike a pitcher of grand sangrias which causes several prominent Genoa City residents to act out of character. Mariah and Tessa are on stage dancing suggestively with the "Snowflake". Sharon grabs Rey and puts a lip lock on him and Lola watches in horror as Summer kisses Kyle. It's not known if those who are under the influence will comply or cause problems with Chief Williams.

It's possible that someone may even be arrested.

Zoe shows her true colors at the Grand Phoenix celebration

It's obvious that Zoe has not changed much from the time she drank herself into a coma at age 17. She is still an immature young woman who acts before she thinks. She tried to become best friends with Summer who along with Theo told Ms. Hardaway she was coming on too strong. When others at the gala blew her off, Zoe ran out in a huff. "Y&R" rumors from Soap Dirt and Celeb Dirty Laundry indicate that she will put some type of drug in a pitcher of grand sangrias and everyone who takes a drink will begin to act out of character.

Tessa and Mariah are mild-mannered and the "Snowflake is not their friend.

On Monday's episode of "Y&R" however, the trio will be dancing together on stage. The preview showed the women gyrating and touching themselves suggestively, which is something they would not ordinarily do. Summer, who had been playing nice will reach across a table and give Kyle a passionate kiss as his new wife stares in disbelief.

Sharon grabs Rey and pulls him close for a lip lock which indicates that she may also have had some of the tainted drink. Zoe's revenge is hurting a lot of people and she will take photo's of her handiwork.

Paul will get to the bottom of it all

Police Chief Williams will be called in and he will shut down the celebration. "Y&R" rumors don't say if he arrests anyone but Zoe is getting all the action on film.

Those who were drugged might not immediately realize who sabotaged them, and Phyllis or Theo might get the blame. By the time Paul gets to the bottom of the situation and figures out it was Zoe, she may be long gone. Since she was angry enough to drug the sangrias, Ms. Hardaway may want to take her revenge to the next level, and tell Lola all about her New York adventures with Kyle.

Fans of Doug Davidson will be thrilled to see him back in action in Genoa City. It's been a while since Paul has been on the show, even though he was recently rehired. Be sure you don't miss Monday's exciting episode of "The Young and the Restless," by tuning in at 12:30 PM EST on CBS. Some exciting scenes are coming up so stay tuned.