On Friday's episode of "The Young and the Restless," Zoe showed immaturity during the party for the Grand Phoenix Hotel. She kept pushing herself on people and practically begged Summer to be her new best friend. Ms. Newman and Theo both told the young girl to back off and Miss Hardaway ran away, clearly offended. The preview for Monday suggested that something very wrong has transpired as a number of Genoa City residents are acting quite out of character. A scene is shown with Maria, Tessa, and Summer all-dancing suggestively as Zoe snaps away with her camera.

Next, Kyle's ex-wife plants a lip lock on him as his new bride watched, then Sharon kissed Rey. Perhaps Ms. Hardaway spiked the punch in order to get revenge.

Zoe on the loose proves dangerous

Summer was annoyed and Theo indifferent at Zoe's hero worship. It's clear the young woman is unstable and enamored of Ms. Newman. When Ms. Hardaway left the couple and began walking around, she realized she was really not a part of things and was being ignored. She stormed away with a look in her eyes as if she wanted revenge and Monday's "Y&R" preview indicates she just may have gotten it.

Tessa, Mariah, and Summer are on stage dancing as if they are in a strip club and looking as if they have all had a bit too much to drink.

The next scene has Kyle sitting at a table with his former wife and she reaches across and kisses him hard. It was unclear from the short clip if Kyle was also under the influence, but Lola standing near watching seemed to be very sober. The final preview for Monday's episode of "The Young and the Restless" has Sharon reaching across a table, grabbing and kissing Rey in much the same way Summer did with Kyle.

This could be a coincidence or perhaps Zoe found a way to drug everyone.

The Grand Phoenix may have a scandal

The Monday preview shows Zoe snapping away, taking photo's that she said on Friday she is posting to the Internet. She may be getting revenge by showing the Genoa City elite at their worst during the opening of the Grand Phoenix.

The clips don't show the entirety of what happens on "Y&R" on Monday., so viewers must wait till then to find out how all of this chaos came about. Zoe possibly could have put something in the drinks of Summer, Marriah, Tessa, and Sharon when no one was listening.

Considering what happened to her in New York, Zoe should be the last person to cause anyone that type of harm. She has shown herself to be immature, so perhaps this is revenge. Theo has it in him to do something like this but he probably would not sabotage something that has his name attached to it. The next candidate would be Phyllis but she promised her daughter she would behave. Be sure to watch Monday's episode of "The Young and the Restless" and find out who is behind the mischief and find out if the Grand Phoenix opening has a scandal.