Those who watch "The Young and the Restless" have a new mystery to unravel and her name is Amanda Sinclair. Mishael Morgan returned last week as an attorney who is messing with Devon's head. When Mr. Hamilton opened his door and saw her, he was blown away by her resemblance to his dead wife. When he found out she was asking questions about Katherine's estate, he accused her of being hired just to get under his skin. Ms. Sinclair kept her cool and said she would leave and return at a better time. Viewers are eager to find out if she has been hired to take away Devon's fortune and if later the two will become romantic.

Amanda Sinclair could be friend or foe

Celebrating the Soaps asked readers if perhaps Amanda Sinclair could be Hilary's twin, which would explain the resemblance. "Y&R" fans simply want to know what her true motives are. She told Devon on Friday that his father Tucker McCall was behind the inquest into Katherine's will, but others in Genoa City believe it is Philip Chancellor the third. It's possible that as time goes on the attorney could actually fall for Devon. There is also a chance she could pretend to care in an attempt to get her hands on his money.

It's too early in the storyline for "The Young and the Restless" to give away the plot, so viewers will have to pay close attention. One person whose eyes will be wide open regarding this new lawyer in town will be Elena who is currently dating Devon.

She had to deal with Hilary's presence coming between the two of them for quite a while and now this doppelganger has shown up in Genoa City. Things will probably become very interesting if Amanda sticks around and more people see her.

Amanda will cause trouble on 'Y&R'

The fact that Ms.Sinclair is representing a client who is after Devon's inheritance will not go over well with many in Genoa City.

Jill especially will be in rare form regarding the issue. She also looks exactly like Hilary and this will also cause trouble. Phyllis was good friends with Ms. Curtis and will be blown away if she comes in contact with her double. Lily is responsible for Hilary's death and she will be horrified to have a constant reminder of the woman who died because of her actions.

Amanda will probably get tired of explaining to everyone who she really is. "Y&R" viewers should have a good time, however, trying to figure it all out.

Celebrating the Soaps indicates that Amanda Sinclair will cause quite a stir in Genoa City and there are a number of questions that viewers are waiting to get answers to. Fans of the CBS daytime drama want to know the identity of the lawyer's client, and whether or not he or she will succeed in taking away the fortune that Katherine left to her grandson. They are also desiring to know what the end relationship between the attorney and the billionaire will be, so stay tuned.