"General Hospital" had been limping along with no real drama and never including any new storylines in recent months. Monday's episode, however, was so exciting that it made up for the previous lack of suspense. Shiloh escaped from police custody and carjacked Bobbie who just happened to have Wiley in her vehicle. He left her on the side of the road as he escaped with her grandson who is really her great-grandchild. Shiloh boarded the Haunted Star where Dev was hiding. The teen called Sam and was knocked out by the cult leader. Sam showed up and now they are all hostages.

This could be where the cult leader meets his doom.

Sam or Dev or Peter might kill Shiloh

Coby Ryan McLaughlin recently announced that Shiloh Archer’s days on “General Hospital“are numbered. Nothing has been said regarding what fate the cult leader will meet but he could die on Lulu’s boat. It’s not clear why Dev was on the Haunted Star or why the self-empowerment guru chose to go there. Shiloh called Peter and demanded a large sum of money immediately or he would tell everyone that Peter worked with Helena. Mr. August moved quickly so that no one would find out his part in the experiment with Drew and Jason.

Dev was hiding and saw Shiloh and immediately called Sam. The cult leader found the teen and knocked him out not knowing his former stepmother was on her way.

When Sam showed up she went straight to Dev and the cult leader came out with a gun. He told Sam the teen would be okay and then he got Wiley from behind the counter. He hinted that Sam would go with him to help raise the child. ”General Hospital” spoiler alerts and rumors had not revealed this turn of events but more than likely this is where Shiloh will die.

Shiloh won’t get away this time

A preview for Tuesday’s episode of “General Hospital” has Dev and Sam standing together and Shiloh saying he has too many hostages. It’s sounding like he might be considering eliminating someone. There are several outcomes possible for this situation. Sam or Dev could overpower the guru and shoot him with his gun.

The firearm could go off accidentally in a struggle or Peter could kill Mr. Archer to silence him. Jason could figure out where Sam is and rush in and save the day.

Viewers are probably hoping that this indeed is the end of the road for the Dawn of Day founder. If he were to escape with Wiley, this would continue to drag the storyline out. More than likely “General Hospital” fans will see the demise of Shiloh and it could come through anyone’s hands. Lucas or Brad could show up and kill the man who kidnapped their son. Be sure not to miss any of the exciting episodes that are coming up because this is going to be must-see TV.