Eric Braden has said countless times that neither he nor his character Victor Newman are going anywhere. In his book "I'll be damned," as well as in interviews the veteran actor stated that he would not retire because if you retire you die. Even so, the rumor mill is reporting that countless fans of the soap vet and "The Young and the Restless" are alarmed that on Monday's episode, Victor will be pronounced dead. There has been such an uproar that Braden went on social media to put the viewers' minds at ease. He cannot give away any plots but he is telling the loyal supporters to simply just keep watching the CBS daytime drama.

Eric Braeden is not leaving 'Y&R'

Eric Braeden is assuring his fans that he is not leaving "The Young and the Restless." This is admirable, because "Days of Our Lives" viewers cried out against the death of Bo Brady years ago, but Peter Reckel did not come back to the show. He made up his mind that it was time to leave Salem and he was gone. The man who portrays Victor Newman has continually stated that he will not retire and fans should take him at his word.

The actor is telling those who are devoted to his character to just stay tuned and keep watching "The Young and the Restless" because everything will be revealed in time. Astute viewers who quickly suspected that the death was faked in order to teach Adam a lesson were correct as Soap Dirt rumors indicated a plan set in motion by the Newman patriarch and Dr.

Nate Hastings. It is unclear, however, if any of the other family members are aware of the plan.

Y&R rumors say it's a setup

Soap Dirt says that there will be flashbacks that let viewers know that Nate and Victor caught on to Adam switching the medication. The death is being staged to teach Adam a lesson. But will it - really?

Right now the prodigal son seems more frustrated that he is not being embraced by the Newmans that he is that his father has died. In time, however, his guilt may overtake him. The "Y&R" rumor mill does not say just how the switched prescription comes to light but there are several possible ways.

Test results could have shown the excess medication in Victor's system, and he and Nikki may remember Adam fixing a drink standing near the coat where the pill bottle was inside.

Surveillance cameras at the Newman ranch might have caught the crime on tape. It's also possible that Phyllis may have panicked when Adam went through with his plan. She may have snitched on him because she did not want to be an accessory to Summer's grandfather's murder. If you enjoy "The Young and the Restless" and are a fan of Eric Braeden, please heed his words, that neither he nor his character is going anywhere, anytime soon.