Last week on "General Hospital," Curtis asked Laura to help him find an artifact that is hidden at Wyndemere, She wanted to know who he was working for before she signed on and refused to help him without that knowledge. Curtis told her that if she assisted him, then the Cassadine fortune would possibly be returned to her grandson and Valentin would be out. Laura agreed and rumors say this coming week the duo will be held at gunpoint by Cassandra Pierce. Spencer's grandma and her partner may face a lot more danger in their quest to help the tween regain all that once was legally his.

All for the love of Spencer

When Hayden Barnes was married to Nikolas Cassadine, she and his son Spencer bonded and they still love each other. Hayden recently returned to Port Charles and asked Jasper Jax to assist her with finding something important in Valentin's home. The duo later enlisted Curtis Ashford to help and he is now seeking Laura's assistance. Mrs. Collins and Ms. Barnes have one thing in common: They both love Spencer and want him to have what is rightfully his. "GH" rumors from Soap Dirt indicate that not only will they restore his inheritance, but his father Nikolas may be returned home as well.

Rumors of Nikolas have been surfacing for over two years, but only now has "General Hospital" begun indicating he might still be alive.

Both Laura and Ava were told by psychics that the Cassadine Prince is not dead, and now with the help of Curtis and Hayden, Spencer's father might reappear. Neither Laura nor Hayden realizes what the other one is up to, but they are joined in spirit by their shared love for Spencer.

Curtis and Laura in danger from Cassandra

"General Hospital" rumors don't give details on how it happens, but Curtis and Laura will be held at gunpoint by Cassandra Pierce.

On Friday, Lulu's mom walked in on her and her new man making love in the stateroom on the Haunted Star. Later, Laura will open a closet door and Ms. Pierce is going to pop out with guns a-blazing. How she got on board and why she is hiding there are yet to be revealed. Somehow all the pieces with Valentin, Nina. Cassandra, Hayden, Jax, Laura, and Curtis will eventually come together and make sense.

Fans are hoping that when all is said and done, that Nikolas will be the alive so that all he has will automatically go to his son Spencer. There has been no report yet from "General Hospital" spoiler alerts or rumors on how all of this will turn out. It sounds like there will be some can't miss TV episodes coming up, so viewers will want to stay glued to their seats. Tune in to the Port Charles action each weekday afternoon on ABC at 2:00 PM EST on ABC.