WWE Wrestling legend The Undertaker could be poised for a return to the squared circle. The Dead Man, as he is called, has been on a part-time schedule for the last few years. He has wrestled in special matches at selected pay-per-views. Age has been a huge factor, it seems, as he has looked slow and lethargic in some of his matches. However, the 54-year-old wrestler is still a major attraction for wrestling fans around the world. He can still wrestle and win younger wrestlers over with fans as WWE looks to maintain its viewership.

Undertaker’s last appearance

The Undertaker has appeared regularly on WWE programming this year. He had a match against Goldberg at the Super Showdown event in Saudi Arabia earlier this year. The quality of the match from the two superstars was disappointing for many fans. Majority of fans did not expect the two to be involved much in WWE storylines after the match. However, The Undertaker returned on an episode of Raw. He teamed up with Roman Reigns in a storyline with Shane McMahon and Drew McIntyre. The two tag teams faced off at Extreme Rules. Taker and Reigns got the victory over the two heel characters. The ‘Phenom’ was particularly singled out for praise by fans after putting up a better performance compared to the match at Super Showdown.

Potential match with The Fiend

The WWE is now rumored to be gearing up for another run, with the veteran wrestler, and making plans for another match. According to Forbes, The Undertaker could take on Bray Wyatt’s character The Fiend in a near-future match. WWE needs some fresh storylines since it is set to debut the Smackdown brand on FOX this October.

Wyatt is currently booked to face Seth Rollins at "Hell in A Cell" for the Universal championship. While it is yet to be confirmed, there are hints that The Undertaker could be Wyatt’s next opponent after the pay-per-view.

According to Ringside News, the WWE has arranged, with Taker, an agreement that looks very much like a lifetime contract.

The contract is said to be lucrative and was one the wrestler could not refuse. He is expected to feature, in some capacity, for the company indefinitely. A feud with Wyatt’s character would be interesting given the mythical and unique vibe of the character could work well with Undertaker’s Dead Man persona. Since losing the streak to Brock Lesnar, the Phenom has been used to push the new generation of wrestlers. He lost his second match at Wrestlemania to Roman Reigns which many viewed as an attempt to make the young superstar as a more credible baby-face for the company. He is advertised for the Crown Jewel event in Saudi Arabia next month and a match with ‘The Fiend’ could be on the cards.