Season 10 of "Hawaii Five-0" is set to premiere soon minus one famous character, Jerry Ortega (Jorge Garcia). This news comes after a popular cast member was shot towards the end of season 9. It turns out Jerry Ortega was the victim. But is that the reason why he is leaving "Hawaii Five -0?" Perhaps there is more than what meets the eye.

Fortunately, Jerry managed to survive, convincing his fans that perhaps he will stick around in this show. Nobody was ready for life without Jerry Ortega on the show. However, he has resolved on changing his lifestyle hence having to quit "Hawaii Five-0." This comes as a blow to most of "Hawaii Five-0’s" fans who had come to love Jerry for his kindness and peculiarity.

According to Entertainment Weekly, "though Garcia will no longer be a series regular, he may return for occasional appearances in the future."

What Jorge Garcia meant to 'Hawaii Five-0'

Jorge Garcia came to the limelight during show’s season 4, playing the character Jerry Ortega. He managed to win the hearts of many viewers, thus his decision to leave the show is heartbreaking. It is evident that Jorge Garcia still has a lot to offer "Hawaii Five-0." The good news is that he has kept his options open, hence a return to the show is possible.

Peter M Lenkov, the cast runner has regarded Jorge as an individual who brought something special to the show. While on "Hawaii Five-O," he quickly gathered many fans around him.

A lot of people started following this great show just to see what Jorge had to offer. Truth be told, he will be missed dearly not only by his fans but also by fellow cast members.

The cast runner further appreciated Jorge Ortega for the job well done at the show and wished him the best of luck in his next chapter of life. In his statement, Jorge thanked CBS for giving him a chance in "Hawaii Five-0." Besides, he was grateful for the role of Jerry Ortega which he played on the show.

Most importantly, Jorge Garcia confirmed that he would still come back to the show in the future if need be.

What Next for Jerry Ortega?

Jorge Garcia feels like it is time for him to try out another part of life outside "Hawaii Five-0." At the moment, a change in his lifestyle sounds significant and pleasant. Although not everyone will be pleased by his decision, it is something they will need to put up with in the future.

To the fans, they have to be patient and see how Jorge’s decision pans out as time goes by.

There is still a lot of drama coming up on "Hawaii Five-O." Fans can check out on the show’s latest spoilers, news and updates to unravel what is in store for them. In the meantime, the anticipated crossover between Magnum PI and "Hawaii Five-0" is bound to happen.