"General Hospital" rumors indicate that a lot will happen within the next two weeks. Much of it will be aboard the Haunted Star. Laura will find Lulu in the stateroom in bed with Dustin, and later she and Curtis will find Cassandra Pierce hiding in a closet. Jason will have to come on the yacht to rescue Sam, and he will also call in Damian Spinelli. Ms. Pierce will pull a gun on Laura and Curtis, but she will eventually be arrested. She obviously has something on Valentin Cassadine because she will call Nina's husband to get herself out of jail.

Shiloh will continue to make trouble from behind bars.

Cassandra Pierce returns to 'GH'

Celeb Dirty Laundry is reporting that Cassandra Pierce and Damian Spinelli will both soon be back in Port Charles. It's unclear why, but Ms. Pierce will be hiding in a closet aboard the Haunted Star. Last week as Lulu and Dustin were making out, viewers could see the shadow of someone lurking. Curtis and Laura were on the yacht looking for clues that might return Spencer's inheritance to him. Mrs. Collins was shocked when she opened the stateroom door and saw her daughter inside with a man. She moves on from this embarrassing moment to find herself and her partner in a more dangerous situation.

As Curtis and Laura continue investigating on the Haunted Star, they will open a closet door and be shocked at what they see.

Cassandra Pierce will come out with a gun, but somehow they get the upper hand. Rumors suggest that Ms. Pierce is arrested, and later asks Valentin to bail her out of jail. Nina's spouse and the woman who poisoned her daughter once worked together. Now "General Hospital" rumors say she may have the leverage to blackmail Nina's husband into doing her bidding.

Damian Spinelli shows up to save the day

CDL also is reporting that Jason will call upon Damian Spinelli to help him figure out what happened with Drew. Spinelli's computer skills are excellent and he can hack any system. Soap Dirt says Jason will also be preoccupied with trying to rescue Sam, who gets trapped on board the Haunted Star.

It's not clear why she is there or how she gets trapped. She obviously will not be noticed by Lulu, Dustin, Laura, and Curtis or they would have helped her.

Soap Dirt suggests that Shiloh will be causing problems from behind bars and that he may be the reason Sam is on the Haunted Star. Rumors indicate that the Dawn of Day guru and Nell Benson will escape prison, which will be cause for alarm in Port Charles. Stay tuned to "General Hospital" weekday afternoons to find out what happens with Cassandra Pierce, Sam, and Spinelli. The action takes place on ABC at 2:00 PM EST.