The third-hour hosts of “Today” had more to celebrate, this morning, September 27 than just the fact that it was Friday. Sheinelle Jones, Craig Melvin, and Dylan Dreyer got good news from their veteran mentor and cohort, Al Roker, just moments after beginning the broadcast. This weekend will be the jovial weatherman’s last leisurely weekend at home recovering from hip surgery. He plans to be back on duty Monday, September 30, with a distinguished accessory.

Willie Geist stepped in for a few minutes to join the casual morning banter, breaking away from all the hard news on the impeachment proceedings, at MSNBC, and he even shared reasons to be thankful.

Comedienne Margaret Cho sat down to talk about her "Fresh Off the Bloat Tour," celebrating her longevity in life and her profession in her own style. She brought along a precious sidekick, too — her rescue Chihuahua, Lucia. The little pooch practically stole her segment, but still put a lot of warm fuzzy laughter into Friday.

Be happy, but don't overdo it

Bubbly and bright could be secret code words for the “Today” mom then meteorologist, Dylan Dreyer. Earlier this week, she enthusiastically used an orange, and her flashlight, to demonstrate the temperature changes of fall. Characteristically, she displayed her cheerful demeanor, this morning, but pointed out a study that confirmed that the one who is “always cheerful,” in the workplace, actually annoys coworkers.

Al Roker was not adhering to those findings as he performed his hip rehab exercises from his kitchen, and still cooked breakfast with a smile. “He can't sit down for a second,” reminded Sheinelle Jones, who marveled at his “remote rehab.” “That's a Roker thing,” Craig Melvin asserted, meaning that only Al Roker could be granted such an arrangement in recovery.

Al announced his return on Monday, but he may keep his rather elegant walking cane. “It's such a good look,” declared the 65-year-old patient.

Sheinelle admitted that she can, sometimes, be excessively uplifting to an ill coworker, but everyone in the “Today” family is very open about sharing their real-life experiences, such as Savannah Guthrie and her recent bout with pneumonia.

Willie Geist described how his family and, all he has that really matters, keep the bad days in perspective. Geist’s reflection prompted a memory of his first job, in New Jersey, as a pizza delivery driver. His car with a broken stick shift often caused rocky bounces for his edible cargo, and he apologized to any offended customers.

The cutest community servant

Margaret Cho had company when she came on “Today” to talk about her past, her comic legacy, her new podcast, and her comedy tour. Her little blonde Chihuahua, Lucia, was truly trying to be a good girl but every time her mistress would become animated, which is what comedians do, Lucia would follow the fingers with excitement, trying to catch one.

Cho shared numerous pictures demonstrating how her beloved dog had become her constant companion, even during her podcast. Craig Melvin could not stop laughing over the orange vest that the dog wore. “I told you, she has to do community service!” Margaret exclaimed. The puppy’s penance was for “peeing in public.”

The comic elaborated how walking close to the flame is “what we do,” and Cho has been fearless in her daring. Sometimes, getting burned is part of the process, but at least she has someone to give loving licks to the wounds.

There was a reason to love, laugh, and smile on this Friday edition of “Today.” Even 10-month-old puppies are believers in being positive.