Leave it to Al Roker to be the ultimate ambassador of living senior years to the fullest. The beloved weatherman and host of “Today” took cameras into his hospital room and physical therapy station yesterday, one day after hip replacement surgery for his left hip. He not only demonstrated how he already was mastering stairs, since he has a lot of them at the home he shares with Deborah Roberts and their family, he also invited his therapist to come into the room for a walking workout with his cane. Give the patient a gold star, because Al Roker managed to walk quite a few steps without any appliance at all, all while millions of viewers were watching.

This morning, September 20, another message came from the “Today” veteran. The host in charge of turning those Smuckers jars with warm and loving wishes for those celebrating birthdays near and beyond the century mark broke more news. He was waiting for a ride from his wife to take him home, and very grateful for all of the prayers and wishes of love.

Still all smiles

Ever in buoyant spirits, Al still had his smile and happily displayed the goodie basket and balloons, delivered from his third-hour “Today” co-hosts. The goodies were decorated with “Hip-hip Hooray” along with the “Today” logo, letting the patient literally be a walking advertisement.

Al Roker is more than willing to be an advocate for hip replacement surgery, noting that already, he has no pain in the joint.

He did confess that there is “some pain in my haunches” as his body compensates during healing, but he enthusiastically said “get it” to anyone who needs a similar surgery to stay active and vibrant, regardless of age.

Again, the host said that he plans to return to his “Today” duties by September 30, but will follow doctor's orders.

“If I'm not ready. It’ll be a little later, but it will be soon.”

Roker insisted that “you will be thrilled” to anyone hesitating about the procedure. The entire Al Roker clan will be drilled on Friday when Deborah Roberts celebrates her 59th birthday.

A lot more serious than sniffles

While Al Roker and his new hip joint are getting along fine, “Today” co-anchor, Savannah Guthrie, called in from the hospital this morning, where she is being treated for pneumonia.

She described to Hoda Kotb that she wasn't really coughing or having breathing difficulties. It was the fever and chills through the night that she just couldn't shake. Guthrie was officially diagnosed with pneumonia yesterday and expects to be hospitalized for several more days. Her “Today” family knew something was wrong when the journalist and host, who never misses work, called in sick for a third day.

Dylan Dreyer was delighted to congratulate Carson Daly on the news that he and his wife, Siri, are expecting their fourth child. “I love getting all the girls in the mommy club,” the expectant Dreyer exclaimed.

Carson is a famously active and engaged “Today” dad, and that takes a good night’s sleep.

Daly related how he recently started on a CPAP machine for better breathing and respiration, and his wife is sleeping in her own bed for comfort.

Even though the health report for “Today” was a happy one this morning, everyone has to take a little more care as the years roll on to keep life thriving.