Thursday on "The Bold and the Beautiful" the argument between Ridge and Brooke hit a boiling point and Mr. Forrester walked out on his wife. At Bikini, Bar Carter tried to help him, but a drunken Ridge sent him away. Danny the bartender told Carter he would look out for the dressmaker but Shauna showed up. She had just left Brooke and the conversation had gotten pretty heated. Rumor has it, Flo's mom will take Eric Forrester's son home with her and place him in her bed. It's not known if they actually sleep together but Ms. Fulton will promise to keep their secret.

It's looking like she has designs on another woman's husband which will cause a lot of problems.

Shauna has her eye on Ridge thanks to Brooke

When Shauna showed up at Brooke's house, she was seeking forgiveness for her daughter and asking for another chance. After Brooke shot her down, Flo's mom became smug and began trying to bait Hope's mom. She made comments that implied Ridge had helped her and kept it a secret from his wife and told Brooke should be on the same page as her husband. "B&B" rumors indicate that Ms. Fulton is going to soon turn this situation to her advantage.

Brooke practically threw Shauna out of her home and she went to Bikini bar, where a drunken Ridge kept throwing back drinks.

She told him that his wife might not understand why he had her daughter set free from jail, but she does. The "B&B" rumor mill indicates that Danny the bartender will help Ms. Fulton take ridge to her abode and place him in her bed. Brooke's hateful attitude is probably fueling her actions. Now she has set her sights on Ridge and if nothing happens between them, she will allow him to think that it did.

Brooke turns to Eric

When Brooke realizes her spouse did not come home, she will turn to his father. She is already cozying up to Dollar Bill behind her husband's back and now she will enlist his father in their marital woes. "B&B" rumors don't say if Brooke will become romantically entangled with either man but do suggest that Shauna will develop feelings for Ridge.

She is probably thinking that she can replace his wife and end up with the lucrative Forrester lifestyle.

Shauna could have seen that a drunken Ridge went to his own house, but Brooke's behavior has set her on edge, especially when she referred to Flo as a tramp. The look in her eyes on Thursday indicate that she is every bit as ruthless as her friend Quinn and will do whatever she has to, in order to survive. Be sure to keep up with "The Bold and the Beautiful" by watching each weekday afternoon on CBS at 1:30 PM EST. Stay tuned to find out if Ridge falls for Ms. Fulton's deception and if Brooke will become romantically involved with Bill or Eric.