Monday on "The Young and the Restless" Zoe will show herself to immature and petty. She will make a move that could possibly destroy lives. A preview after Friday's episode showed Summer dancing with Mariah and Tessa and they were doing some very suggestive moves. Sharon surprises Rey by pulling him into a passionate kiss and Summer plants one on Kyle as Lola watches. It is at the end of the episode that Theo drops something and everyone goes running to him, leaving the bar counter unattended. This is when Zoe walks over and takes a container out of her pocketbook and pours a white substance into the two pitchers of Sangrias.

The rest of the action obviously takes place on Tuesday or later in the week.

Zoe may be working with Theo

Earlier "Y&R" rumors indicated that all the action would take place on Monday, and the preview on Friday implied the same. Zoe does not spike the drinks until the very end. It looks like Theo created a distraction so that Ms. Hardaway could do her dirty work, but looks can be deceiving. He may be innocent, wanted to liven things up a bit, or Zoe could be acting alone out of revenge.

Just before she puts drugs in the drinks, Zoe is with Theo and Summer who both apologize to her and she admits she may have come on a little strong. The three seemed to be on good terms but as they walk away, Ms.

Hardaway has an angry look on her face. She is about to ruin the evening for individuals and businesses and does not even seem to care. Soap Dirt indicates that Paul will shut everything down on Tuesday's "Y&R" episode, so it looks like this is when all the action takes place.

Lola gets hurt by Kyle again

Celeb Dirty Laundry suggests that Lola may lose Kyle after Summer kisses him.

The preview, which obviously is for Tuesday's "Y&R" episode rather than Monday is brief and does not show whether or not Kyle kisses his ex-wife back or pushes her away. Soap Dirt indicates that a lot of o people will be making out with each other so if Kyle drank from the pitcher, he may be as out of it as the others.

Once Paul shuts things down and the pitchers are examined, there will be an investigation.

Phyllis and Theo will be the likely suspects when drugs are revealed. Even so, Lola will be hurt by Kyle yet again because of Summer. First, he married Ms. Newman, while she was unconscious, then Lola saw they kissing at the cabin, now this. The new Mrs. Abbott may want to set boundaries, just as Skyle have begun working their magic together again at Jabot. Kyle may try to argue that it's just business but his wife may not agree. Be sure to watch "The Young and the Restless" on Monday and Tuesday to watch all the action and drama.