The show “90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way” had a pretty rocky start, with star Jenny realizing that the guy she had been chatting with was not actually a stunning male model named Michael Jones. Instead, she has been speaking to a call center worker in Delhi named Sumit. She, however, forgave him and they met up in India eventually having a whirlwind romance. A lot of shocking things have already happened on “90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way” but it looks like what just happened to Jenny may be the most surprising. Now there is a huge possibility that Jenny might be returning home to the US following Christina's latest comments.

Jenny’s daughter on her mother’s relationship

Meanwhile, Christina is now trying to bring her mother back home. She said that she wants her mother to come back home and find a better boyfriend there. Christina has been skeptical about Sumit for months now. This was because of a conversation they had over dinner once.

Christina and her wife Jen once visited Jenny on a trip. As a concerned daughter, Christina wanted to ask a lot of questions. She was, however, disappointed when Sumit confessed that he might choose his family over Jenny if he were forced to. Also, in the same conversation, Christina called Sumit as "weak person" as she believes that he can't stand for himself.

Sumit’s secret father-in-law confront Jenny

As she nears the end of the two remaining months she has on her tourist visa, a distraught Jenny called up the producers of the show to tell them about the things she learned while in India.

It turns Sumit and Jenny were in their room when a man showed up on their doorsteps. She initially thought that it was only Sumit’s father.

But it turns out that the guy is actually the father of Sumit’s secret wife. This means that the Indian has been married all this time!

After Sumit's father-in-law arrived, a lot more members of Sumit’s wife's family entered the apartment. They began threatening him, with some mentioning that he should be jailed. They then asked Sumit if he loves Jenny, in front of her.

They took him away right after that. It dawned on Jenny that her fiancé was in an arranged marriage.

For her part, Jenny immediately left the apartment to contact her daughter Christina to tell her what happened. While Christina sympathized with his situation, she was not pleased that Sumit lied to them knowing that he could put her mother’s life in danger.

Sumit’s newly revealed marriage

It was revealed that the Indian has been in an arranged marriage for the last two years. It is highly possible that Jenny’s first communication with him happened way before the marriage. Arranged marriages are quite common in Sumit’s home country of India. It is estimated that around 89 percent of the marriages there are arranged, making his situation a bit common. Stay tuned for more entertainment news and updates.