Rumors for "The Bold and the Beautiful" indicate that a custody battle may be coming this fall. Both Soap Dirt and Celeb Dirty Laundry are reporting that Hope and Liam will decide they want to legally be the parents of Douglas. The little boy told his daddy that he loved his stepmom and Kelly's dad because they were nice, while Thomas was mean. The child is currently living with Brooke and Ridge, so there will be a lot of people weighing in on the situation. Thomas seems like he is having moments of clarity, but no one knows for sure if he is truly reformed.

If his son has a say so in where he will reside, the little boy could decide to remain with his grandfather, choose to go back home with his dad, or say that he wants to live with "Lope."

Liam and Hope start a war on 'B&B'

The simple fact that Liam and Hope are considering initiating proceedings for custody will cause an all-out war on "The Bold and the Beautiful." Ridge will be outraged that they are kicking his son while he is down. This will no doubt cause additional problems in his marriage as Brooke will most likely side with her daughter. Ridge might also believe his grandchild should be reunited with his father. If, however, Thomas has to pay the price for what happened to Emma, then his dad probably will want Douglas to remain with him and Brooke.

Steffy could also weigh in and say her nephew should live with her as a replacement for losing Phoebe/Beth.

If Thomas gets out of the hospital, but does not spend any time in jail, he will be furious for a number of reasons. He will be jealous that Liam has his wife, and livid that the two of them want to take his son away and raise him together.

He will also be angry that Hope did not accept his apology and come back to him. This situation might reveal to the Forresters, Spencers, and Logans, just how sane or crazy Ridge and Taylor's son truly is.

The 'B&B' custody battle fallout could be huge

Ridge believes his spouse pushed his son over the cliff intentionally, although she insists it was an accident.

Brooke thinks her husband is blind to all the red flags from Thomas. If Liam and Hope proceed with the custody battle, this could be the end of the "Bridge" marriage. In addition, no one knows where Steffy's head is at right now. She has not been seen on "B&B" since the day her daughter was taken away. Steffy could lash out at "Lope" for trying to take everything from her family, or she might decide that she is the best one to raise her nephew.

If the "B&B" rumors are true, there will be huge fallout for everyone involved. If Ridge is able to keep his son out of prison for allowing Emma to die and not seeking help, this could cause "Lope" to push harder to punish Thomas. Earlier rumors suggested Brooke would turn to Bill again, so it looks like this situation will be quite a mess. Stay tuned weekday afternoons on CBS at 1:30 PM EST to find out what happens next.